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Friday, September 30, 2005 
hip mama magazine

the parenting zine # 34
belllla and sofielsa made it in the magazine the photo was taking in muncie but the magazine printed in seattle i bought 4 copies to send to faily etc proud parent i suppose her is the photo couldnt help myself thought i would get to this a awweeek ago but no but now here it is ......

Tuesday, September 27, 2005 
ft weayne
went to fort wayne today to skate rad went to health food store delescious vegan panninni pizzza yum skated ass off 4 1/2 hours i am 30 this 32 yr old kid rock the place out extreme.... i pddle paddled around then went to marion indiana had a smoothy and skated the park ther metal small park passed out groundzero stickers and was off stoped @ good willl on way into taown piced up some junk very tired drinking a beer relax have show on sun to prep for sore knee elbow and wrist ouch

Saturday, September 24, 2005 
release of chocolate hostiges in my toilet out my
but they come one by one tirds of plenty take over the world came down with coled got it from not taking care party drink stay up late etc.. been skating some more got a show to prep for tonight and tommorrow ,, tattooing all day today and am hanging out in my underware right now i went to the radisaon bar last night drank slow gin and makers mark all night good liquor i like to drink i like to fuck fuck yo u little gg there but who fuckin cares so i was hopping to find more post postitsd about the dj empirical through down but fond none sent noiseman an emaill asking if we could do tec in st luis who knows somw dome ass on my space doing some goon shit and invited me to compete with bands ernie ball sponsors i told her i am brrommhjandle up the ass kinda guy and drinking and drugs and music do go to weell if i am there i will annoyu you piss you off put out your music with my name on it have diareah on your favorite love seat eat your dogs food make out with your girl friend or try to kiss pimp daddy with my tongue whoe fuckin cares gett outrages it is fall again last night ws equinox and i i am in a plesent mood the little memraid is now sofielsas favorite i like it too i want to hump some fisshy stuff sunday i am staying hoem cutting new 7 inches lathe cut bobby vomit will be avalaible ltd edition of coarse sunday she or he should check out the show everything now is a really good groop of guys who i have playd with before thaks to thenm for setting up the show muncie ji am nor tm shure what kinda set i will play need to work on record player tonight sober ................esspresso for life

Monday, September 19, 2005 
zinsinatti sat 17 empirical throw down how down
fun trip good show diverse spread ,, neat venue or very functional cozy ,, set ups wer e weir d 9 i would rather have plaid the turntables next to my rig but the set up would have been 2 awkward to perform proper ly this time i took a strand of lights i had seen stalio and others have and used i t for lighting it worked great my shet i mean set was shorter than expected i need major tone arm rehaul one i knocked the actual diamond tip off a needle hahaha i new somthing was up as i could only get a tone and i need to add grip tap e to side of platter for better friction pic up texture sound but as was i took one turntable effects and sample r and it was a nice crescendo into a pretty lame back off but that is waht it was i usually like a higher amount of noisse build up at end but this time the machine failed a little or just alrtere rf d my idea stallio set was good i like d the video behind him it collaged very well with him i think .. his set lots noise with all sorts of weird tv samples and shit a little katrina and alittle bibble man ,, downtoiwn indy haas frree mtv 2 wow wee no not really but there is we agrreed neet cartoons on there entertainment he samples it ... spent night @ viragos with astallio and i slept on couch apartment in downtown indy tower great view in the morning had lunch at basbows drove home ate sushi at park with bell and sofielsa and friends rode skateboard down soap box derby hill fell scratched self up GOOD hurts to day but wvery fine weekend jaunt and mr steve b boy hooked us booth up with $ for playing the show AWSOME thanks have to do a tattoo now ((((((((((((( )))))))))))))

Thursday, September 15, 2005 
noise show catering to vegans couldnt get any better
I remind everyone to please send in essays, drawings, photographs,
poems, descriptions or anything you want included in the program book.

It's also time to ask a few logistic questions Many of you I know these
answers already - but since I am getting help organizing - humor me and
answer them again anyway!
how many in the group?
what days will you attend?
any vegans? vegetarians (probably no meat anyway)

ok - looking forward to next month!


Friday October 14, 05
6:00 welcome session

the I Dont Do Gentlemen
Danny McClain
Haubrek and He
Curse of Dick Wilson
yes collapse
Skarekrau Radio
Darin Gray
Noiseman 433

Saturday October 15, 05
1:00 pm
audio electronics workshop
3:00 pm
adiology and accousitics workshop ?
7:30 pm CONCERT B
Andy Crash
Bobby Vomit
Brain Transplant/ Dave Stone
Climax Denial
Black Sand Dessert
Sword Heaven
Vehemence 6.2
Mavis Concave
Occasional Detroit

Sunday October 16. 05
11:00 am
Seminar in experimental composition
2:00 pm
Conference meeting
3:00 pm CONCERT C
Hentai Lacerate
Uncle Dave
Rich O’Donnell
Tango Dance Instruction Book
Pink Pastor
Dark Inside the Sun
Broken Tape No Choir
Haunted House
Lazer Mountain

7:00 pm CONCERT D
Worm Hands
Ghost Ice
Divine Pile
Taiwan Deth
R Inhuman
Eric Hall
Big Nurse
luasa raelon
W C Burn
Jason Zeh

Tuesday, September 13, 2005 
i made alot of poor desicions ,, the suck is angerd put them pon comp cassete while ago not there music a confersation 15 asecs long lot of other people i guess from now on blank cassetes under a fake name hahahah iiiii yeye eye cptainb ship is sinkin ,,, spent day skateboarding monday in indianapolis ,, listining to some blue not records fuked up jazz nivce ,,,, automatic player yo you know what i mean ,,, probably not i dont want to explain ,, i will be incincinnatti playing a guy from indiana who now lives in cincnnatti b da party with a guy i know you alll know see that is lame .. quahogs , is have party me and stallio are playing ,,and october 2 i am playing in muncie INDIANA with cinncnnatti band and columbus band 16 bitch pile up and burning star core ,, i played with member s of one and a show in cinnci with the other my home town ,, sucks hahasha a so see uyyyouipuoojifojawroghj s

see you all around more detali maybe when i am in the mood today is going into gossip anger mode jeesup whos down ? yo stay alive mansfield? death field dave dead and dying...

Monday, September 05, 2005 
tattued ferenzy
"thats not a crack hole thats a rat hole a rat on crack attack" saw home alone guy gay and on drugs funny ha ,, i confess i like ass girls in tight jeans rock da booty ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, lots on nonsenswe happening busier than plate of beens waithing to fart tired ,, could feel some shame in neglecting my nlog blog but hey so wat nmo one reads it any way waste of space ,,,, can i yo u dig ? no not really

Thursday, September 01, 2005 
more timebetweenpost
goooodgodya< llweredoestimego,,,ibashedmy chin into the ground 3 weeks ago blodd gash like the time of month and could not open my jaw foer 2 weeks ouch eeeee i have been avoiding computers like the plague my only interestsxs are soap operas news wow new orleans also who gives 2 shits about gas fat ass needs to walk or ride bike right ,, io dont know my comentary is the u.s. is a bunch of fat spoiled babies , mountain dew soda chips and shiit ,, good gas goes up more inclination to walk or ride electric trains instead of gas fuel busses , we all know the answer it is a reserve only somuch remember school non renewable resource no renewable dewd that means when its gone no more and i hate the feeling 2 but i ride my bike to work walk alot ,, i hope our society reacts to this in a positive way to introduce better renewable sopurces of enrgie bicycle traqils , bicycle lanes everywere including the interstates,, electric trolllies ,, we have been fuel i mean fooled into beleaving gas is how i get to work INEED GAS ,,, eat a plate of beens tard face ,, you nweed to right your congrees personm the president or takit in own accord you dont need gas these companyies have made millions off of somthing that was never intinded to last , sold evryamerican into a frenzy over the nessessity of gas when in relization we were better offf 50 yera go indianapolis at one time had the best transit system in the contry now try getting around that town with out a gas guzzler welcom to a new day folks ,, i am happy fuckin fuck mr bush the asrabs all gas frenzied fuck wads of people greedy capitalist assholes they sold you not gonna sell me ,,, and alos this is all bullshit in a minute laugh giggle shit i dont care here i am gib fixed record cutters in attic will have ltd edittion 8 inch records for sale trade when we gas our ways to cinncinnatti rant rant RAVWE RAVE crack house laws? rations ,,, war ,,,, mcdonalds,,, keep it real ,,,america the new service induwstry hoa ho ho wow what yay mceds for life one day when you look down the rode and all you see id FAST food chain store retaraunts and realize high school trained you for this education is great raise a buch of dummies to flip burgers WHAT yo its reall dont ask me because i dont exist>>>>>>> social security hahahaha how about taxing the shit out of me for this welfare state of uneducadetid ? ME ???? service industry employees yayayayayay america land of cheesburgers gasoline engines and greed ,,, ofgh fuck take me to the mall li just gotta get one of thos i saw it one tv can i gaet aunhappy meal please made in china bought and sold dreams wake up go to work captain disease dead fish mutilated corpses a new way of life f5rench fried ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,god blessxss fuck religion wipe your ass wiht the last tree standing thanks mr bush your such a great person i hopp e when i grow up i am as dunb rich confused and as in control as you also i thank the american people for being so aware i love living with you ? fat fucking pieces of shit i suffer from social anxiety an am in hiding i have guns a years supply of food and water i am ready ,,,,,paranoia ? we are but just mokeys flees on the back of a dog love your mother EARTH

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