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Thursday, April 27, 2006 
blah blah blah
blahblahblahb he wrote about me hahaha i am a little penis fast fuck hahaha fuckin you too budy ,,, i stole your popsicle?

Wednesday, April 26, 2006 
fbi cia covert operation?
yea i was getting a snack in the refrigerator and i heard this chater i got real paronoid that i heard the cops outside cb s and wlaky talky action going on so i hid out under the sink with the water running and ;isdtened to emil bealeau blowing snot into the world there were radicals playing modified turntagbles i was hiding having know weapons of mass cmbat the rat hole was my only shelter for 7 months explicitly speaking i humped goats for several days to releave tension in some deranged method of wwf hulk hogan organ transplant i developed schizoid dilusions the asshole who gave me fucked review in nter viewed me ? yeah what do you do he shook thursdays 72 hours @ daily news ball state ? see what if i think he is going to make fun of me? oh well se e he is a fat fuck with fart for brains delusional prozac eating sperm of a credit card you know i have know empathy please be bobby vomits friend? savage retards suck jesus from my cross pole i am hemaphroditey i got penis and vaginy ,, tight pany girl shir t pants, you are gay ,, so

Thursday, April 20, 2006 
420 oh my gosh basterdizerd childr4ne of inflicted humor build a new walmart burn the old one e down , move the court house to walmart move the church to walmart wanna go have lunkch @ the walmart , tird sundays and flesh fries hows that toasted weiner sit in on your stomach , post stupid syndrome ass attack weirdo , butthole avengers butt hole advertisers like to watch some ram hole deposti deposit pink slip nutritionist expose pose puss note inflicted children ! 1 inflicted head !2 inflicted life# 3 you fuckin retard? cause you made yourself that way, wut up being hated

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