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Thursday, November 23, 2006 
buy nothing day dont frget buy nothing dont give into to the system throw a wrench in !!!!


Monday, November 13, 2006 
makin aught

work in progress

these are the records i am working on , for the 100 rrr release sending out the end of the weeek 1 yr in the making,,, i am slack drive,,and a worning stay away from my record starting the new attic project tonight ,, bobby vomit , being, shannon ,,,, taking over an attic 3 artist seperate areas and record all record based media, we are think g of releaseing it in 4 mediums casssette cd record and vhs and possably cd/dvd in one tight package ,,,,

Sunday, November 12, 2006 

just figured out i am completely ignorant on digital recording? yeah i always have recorded to cassette. never changed soo so quality , i suppose that is some of the nastalgia.. Any way it has inhibited me from producing stuff as fast, and the broken dual cassette duplicators are not any help , .. my c.d burner went bad and i did not replace it , to new priorities cd burner with the ability to copy cassettes that is analog input. toNIGHT I AM LISSONING to earlier stuff i recorded last march for rrr , that i hae yet to send , i got stuff for 7 inch in pakage ready to go , rcords are down waiting till after wens to send everything , I am getting my left arm tattooed on wens, // cncinattii i figure that is gonna cost so waiting until after that , to mail,,, blah blah blah but after thanksgiving i am sending the cassette duplicator in and hopefully all will l be well.. whos ear back up and running, i love noise,,,,, i am going to be working on a comp , a seven inch 1.8 sec tracks mono ,, 200 artist i will be taking submissions through a new email acount soon, i will post this and so please be ready first come first serve the first 200 get 1 free 7 inch for your time the 7 will be a tribute to rrrs rrr100 a 100 lock groove seen inch one of my favorite records ,, this will will feature 200 artist with 1.8 second lock grooves in shared stereo..... left and right will be different yeah !!!i hope to have this going around xmas and i hope submissiond=s come in fast i willl be rellying on everyone to send the word around thanks over out

Saturday, November 04, 2006 
he she helloween

hahahahaha she impresed me so much i had to be the first to post this,,,, guess who happy helloween

o.k well noise fest went fine except i left my guitar turntable ,, i am idiot wasnt even druynk , it hasnt been mailed to me yet so who know , i did take alot of photo s i have been pretty busy bustin ass uploading photo s to the new tattoo sight ,, basically flickr but it has been fun very fun for artsy typeds who take alot of photos , any way the headline is the link to the sight also if you want i will post another photo,, this is la vomit in full comand of ? yeah right wahht a turd,, any ways i spent friday nov 3 pucking i vomited approxiamately 24 housr maybe little under aleast 5 times,,, i got wasted on the day of the dead , in honor of my father who couldnt be hear but i think his spirit came back to mix drinks get loud rude and i awoke in the middle of the night vomiting all over myself it shot onto blanket then spent an hour or so puking in the restrrooom woke up for work and puked a hole buch water up at shop ,,, ate some food did some work , got sick four hours later puking some more.... drinks on me all over me BOB

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