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Saturday, February 26, 2005 
waiting for
some picures to upoad damn compuer!! deatshfield dave doin the blatz ,,WOW FLORIDA WAS TRIP I COULD HAVE PLAYED LONGER??? AS if being there walking talkinf is nt enough south florida scenesters ,,, wow well i gues that does it to coool for me>> waiting on long trip out to troy meat som lithuanian head hunter living in old cave were they tought cave childtren murmers no i cant find he emailll luckily my strength isnt back no days of yet not until sundy first day of relaxation since hole inc started trip to end one day peace love tranquility no one ever doied no what was going on ,,,, pearl braoch should be sending submissions asap got cassette made of drunken conversations ltd 10 3 are gone already very teribla stuff loud reverbed to hell me drunk being an idiot , r a s talking to mom the suck , kites etc,etc,, telling me off listening to me talk etc.. shard stereo switch o rooney so very noisy like being at a show worst shit ever i love it but i also feel very weird strange about it!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005 
shared stereo
wow lots to write ]]rwpfe rkgvk
asking people stiupoiid aja question wasted fun .home boy s wear is th e comp >> submissions badtaste ..

so got back from INC wow awsome got drunk sadwqaste was killer *) s 80s

and so i will get it all out eventually ... lots noise me drunk driving people crazy for days and they are funny made shared stereo tape of conversations of my mom rj dave show doormouse otto little section talking to kites and his brothero's ,,, uncontrollable fun ...will release it as who,s ear 005,, 6 left of oo4 and all the rest are gone at end of year i will release C.d> whos earoo1 with best of so i guess i still rotating old shit
old waste huh?? so mystery craptacular bobby :feriufnlejkhkjn;n

will be me and who ever talking over the worst shows and the best show i se e he next few years hahahahaha i suck and you hate me buy me a beer oh yeah smoke me out tou yuouyo fuafheif hqiyhf weds n losers ''

mak e me laugh play good noise and fuck up the system WHY b normal ?PS

P.S daniellll a dani bella is donattin gher pubic hairs for a shared stereo 006 right arm severd featuring bobby vomit ?? and various bads from the I.N.C. as well as live asnine questions by yours trully bobby fuckin obnoxuiouoiusi harmon fag fuck fackee.. kpuke in yousrgf shit fukc break holler piassiyes s s s we love to try to b norm all but what the fuck fuckin the head it uh???? . ANARCHY self destruct anihihlate better fututer tommorrow n so what so when when huh???? tampa i played with ras and wow fun you need now more the list of shit is ong but days go buy undocumentd let it fly soon hunte i find my LA'n bullettt in me head .... goo

Saturday, February 19, 2005 
carnivors and metal music???
wow last night good show,,////??? i learned that i dont know the difference between grind or metal oor heavy metal>> but it i dont really care i guees maybe i com from a differnt ackground ??? fuckin joke i geuss ..vry funny ride home drunk i think i pissed of robert about grind core thing he likes that kinda music alot i think i got drunk took broken drumsticks and tap tap tap halla .. lot of the bands weere like this not exactly what i consider noise i dont know what the fuck it is bang your head to the gueetar and drums ,, like zena geva , or some old shit ,were some very good noise acts ,, arron from columbus dead bird from portland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?? hey geoff is there still a gabber scene????? i am fuckin laughing maybe i am to old or just really aingst,,i could make fun of bunch shit call a bunch of lame shit out, but hey fuck it youll learn,, dont correct people whatever you call it ,, oh well .. took it personal to many fuckin band s got reall anoying to me i am not a rawker ,,, come to internaional noise conference see a bunch of metal bands and a few noise acts>>> but it is a great show and everyone involved have been extremely nice??? find it hard everyone road down with is cool none of them are vegetarian and it is anoying somtimes meat thiss thatt not being able to eat with them when the go to taco bell or burger king or mcdonalds ,,,i protest eating at mcdonalds and these other places so when we go i just shut my mouth and smell there food even thow i havnt eatin at some of the places in like 4 or 5 years and still am not gong to ,,i hate these things but trying to hide it .. hate the smeell of taco bell chicken burrito or beef buritto on ride home @ 4 in mourn ,, sompeople will never get it fun show i guess no lap top rule is lame ,, they should holla bang you r head metal health will rive you cr8zy.. dave was joking but he said holl(cum feel the noise)) reference to quit riot??? and the rest of the metal scenee hahahahahahaaaaa

Friday, February 18, 2005 
feb 17 miami trip out
destroy.. ">)**anihilate>>>>::go fuckinn bonkers,,relax. franky says relax ,, fuck frank to br frank???got drunk wokke up''around///noon////12:::00 began to drink the breakfast of champions??? not sure the cause or effect maybe i am drank coffe beer all day ,, became infested with bitter rage?? weri eweri weird . got wasted R.J .. from right arm severd and i walked my mothers friends dogs,, made record to play broke 2 realicide C>D. s nuts bitches and ducked taped them back together ..we went to << nce place recrd bin hole length of apartment lots music shit peopl hangin on poorch ,, moore beere beir 3 differnt ones corona ,, red stripe,, groulsch ,, groulsc h and red stripe taste like sour shit ,, drank negro modelo,, and corona light ,, coffe beer coffebeer,, dehiydrate fuck shit up ,,, song was blasting in my head <<<>>> jwe went to eat took 2 1/2 hours to get t o show???? not sure maybe we were drunk laughing having a good drunk time wondering south beach ,, for food and kicks walked <<>>// 3rd person frealkj out miami .. .......made to club told go on next play thRew 2 guitar amps mikes some shit .. cord issing((rat saves ME )all mangled very rushed feeling getting upset at record [[player playing on floor,, play relish side ?? realicide c.ds nuts n yo mouch beeet cchiz ,, angrilly record player quits quit upset f3333 l the noise,, .>>> 33 1/3 didnt record set or any ones didnt fuckin care..////// pick up horns moove them atound aroound thow down shit lift mixer throw that mother in the pile fuckin take fathretht ttfathere <<<>>> very much like this i thought about randy my mom baby vomit dqani sweets and my dad my mom told me you acyt act like your father <<>>> oh god what sht i am trully brain fucked at this time >>> smash shit to peaces everything i had i broke cords tone arms record player,,mixer looks like someon took a hammer to it >>> i waws like every perfomance PISSED the fuck off!!!!!!!!!!!!!dont fuckn talk to me i dont fuckin care you see NEGATIVe WORLD I LIVER IN >>>> HAPPY noise shke hands listen to rawk music ??? mom shows up when i am clean up shit >> guy making DVD filming at end set smached i pick up microphon E and holler out high HIGH i am BOBBY VOMIT i am from indiana and if anyone cares lift long sleeve shirt shirt shwo of BADTASTESUCKS>COM if anyone cares!!we dont go fuck your seves represent we get fucked up and fucke it up bt4life wankers now sit on yrarse!!mad i mad fun of everyone playing guitar<<<>>> 2 me ))))))))))))))))))))) NO international acts,, 1 night must been few cancellations ,,RULE no lap tops??? but gutiers geeeeeeeeeeetaws are in ample i wish i was jimmie hendrix kick yr ass ,,,abundance heavy metal band gothic light show movie band >> gut from columbus <<> right arm severd screamy spastic counter cultre art collabed prformance ,,squelchers pile up high lots stage diving in pile of people 10 to 15 maybe??? dont remember less maybe even ??!! end of night,,,,, i tlake dto otto von schirach he is playing sat... he said him and doormouse are don a collab,, i gave him copy hand painted 12 inch AWIA !!!! him doormouse doin some anti computer colab i am not shure maybe tyaking baseball bats tto computers anyways should be good since i am a fan and have never seen a collab betwwen the 2 we did see doormouse do the airplane into a fw ravors stuck finger in asshole licked it saw meat ,, florida doormouse set with otto no laptop!! MIAMI fla ,, wat Der Plonic fucker.. no appollogys geesh i wis h i didnt fuck shit up but then i probably wouldnt have come<<<<<>> when the machine perform improperly i turn the machine into a deceased peice of rubble <<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>............back home again in indiana >> oh i do remember i started my set of with the i'd like to buy the world a coke .. hope to be able to get the dvd or copy of the film >> people were also filming a mayonasse commercial or veganaise?????? yeah i dont know mostly gringy metal like bads noise acts i like all but one ( and collab members were)) from the midwast MOTHER FUCKERS same word ignorent 3 time thanxs no thanxs crew me not you I I pelmento!!auiosa mee meee sossa

Tuesday, February 15, 2005 
baby vomit pics
[ed note: here are a few photos i took at the oddfellows show in anderson. i have more, but these will do for now. -stAllio!]


Sunday, February 13, 2005 
feb 11 feb 12 feb 14 feb 15 feb 17--------feb 22
wowy bussy body daniella is so sweet to help me out i have been bounceing around,she helped get the car booked for the miami show my co werker DAVE saved the day,,as always super hero slash hacky sack dopeman ,,,!!!i can t lkjf;lajf;k halvstand the ol hack fu)))ckin hippies ""??>> well log blog take a big turd in your mouth <<
road with an old friend in a really nice car(heated seats) i was told the make you feel like you have to pee and like you are about to have some serious diarea>>>!!! confused i didnt turn them on until we were heading back from the cincinnatti rrr tour show HABENERO burrito joint < really bad ,, but the opening acts was a collab beautiful sofistcated noise trio nice angery yet mournigfull ,,,,jessica Rylan very intimate high heee heee hee squeel fling skinny body in skirt around funny very GGGGGGRRRL interesting artsy havnt listend to tape yet ,,john weisse very tectured layerd clean lots of noise i hear contains fuzzy unclear lower sounds his are so dramatic in such a spectrm very articulated ,,his presence though is shelterd so i didnt talk to him,,, but his sound astounishing i only wished the FUCKIN pa should hve been JOB 11111 yo cinci kids wut happened ,, next time tell me ahead of time that the shit might be all liked fucked on sound <<<<>>> and i will hook up a p..a .. better thann that yo ... and emille wow although i would like to see the four arm table ,, very fuckin looney fun i was laughing and loving the music textured with looney tunery antics to help move invlove dddd is the worrrd ,,, good news trade 2 whos ear cassetes to jan 2004 mix tape bullshit,,one seven inch one twelve inch ,,,for 5 7'' 2 12"" ,, and bought the 3 new picture disc 44$ ouch but i have listened to the karl heinz i like it more brutal scary shit really he is the only person have seen in last 2 or 3 yrs that his sound scares me ILIKE IT fuckin blitz.............listen to the rest of shit later although in anderson i did play the 2 cpies of amk high fi emille said they had locked grooves in my collage installation,,, if ben gets pists to me i will post it the show in anderson feb 12 was freikihafkgdf; jrarfs d rad lame everything conni was with ben she must have thought o god maybe not weird logg smelled like old people or so said unszene walls are lines with the deseased and old gents .. bands all played shit sounds like everything else for last 15 yrs PUNK o bologna teen angst from anderson indiana ,, E.N. everything now had akiller opening and closing i was not reall into music songs but did not sound bad best BAnD of the night STALL!0 is funniest performer in world but people kept pouring out to hang sshet shat chat smoke drink colas ,,, DR.peckerM>D> and shit he is QUARK extreme rave master tennage mutant ninja kick your ass mouth dripping with blood you wouldnt know you actuallyt drink blood a ...............BABBY VOMIT played with me few seconds she was shy people claped laughed i think she lovesd it 13 months old performed on turntables noise,,, i let her scratch the anderson the beautiful to all the anderson social clicks rock out,,, i played the anderson song 3 X and got all the mike to holla (( i was born in anderson 1st! time playing)) i forgot to flip tape and did not record my set FUCKCCID acid but i got stallios unszenes and my installation witch was 12 record players a mnican bunch o ftoys and different homeade records ass well as locked groove records hopefull y this was the preliminarey to the march 7 show comming up i got o double date tommorow we made arangements for babyby sitter VALENTINES day american holiday ,,connie gets indiana tattoo!! japanese tuesday night i leave for florida show BADTASTE reposesd i mean represent midwest noise terror ....i recorded show in cincinnatti want a copy email me .. i will get copies of anderson to every body to if any body else got my sound please i think we got most of it on tape and as soon as i get it on audio version i will put it out on whos ear,,, robert inhuman and pearl brooch have submitted there music so i will have who's ear 003 out buy like tues b4 we go shared stereo comp wow wowooowowowo vomitized

pearl braooch got us a show
bitchin ,i will be performing a reserection and demonic passages into the after life HAIL satan

dead people on the internet
hes dead hasnt logged into the my spaace thingy since june sa ....this is what he is into

"come give it to me like a big funky sex machine!!!" Male23 years oldMUNCIE, INDIANA United States
Last Login: 06/09/2004
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music, spray paintin', travelin', hopin' trains, slayin' bitches like darth vader, dumpsterin', makin' fat girls toss my salad, fist fuckin' eye sockets, stabin' bitches in the kidney, arson, pissin' in cups, slingin' grindage, blackin' out and wakin' in ugly girls beds, cummin' in glasses (man! that's a lot of cum!), progressively killin' myself on a nightly basis, ridding on steel, takin' your stuff, sellin' it for crack and porn, head organizer of "cum not bombs", rockin' with my cock-in, engaging in cock heavery, part time god and creator "cock throbbulous" destroyer of all and fucker of all living or dying, killin' cops and readin' keroac, fuckin your mom's face with a tire iron or other misc. foreign objects...object of choice....???.....rubber spoon, it's like I got the strength of a bear that has the strength of two bears, and on the third day...there was my hot burning seed...and it was good, 'cause all we need is a little love, and a whole lotta crack, or is it the girl in my arms, or ist it her titties, is it the way I fight everyday, no it's probably the titties...................
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Cancer space thigy for somthime;;;;;;;;tattooed him nice kid little funky coppied the my space here it is;;;;;;;;

Thursday, February 10, 2005 
march 25,,
here it is a c.opy post from social junk (my space sight) i like the fact they refer to people as weirdo's ,, March, 25 2005 at HYAMPNot Available, Huntington, WV 25701Cost:
BIG NOISE SHOW featuring SJ, Robert Inhuman, Bobby Vomit, Syphillis Death Squad, Abiku and many other noise weirdos.stay tuned.....

hahahahahaa ,,,,depressed no reasen really just feelin bad life its late i am not tired finished 002 made 3 or four record s kinda fucked up a good one, glued a bunch sound sheets together friend came over went got a beer from liquor store drank smoked depressed t.v. is blaring,,miami is hard trip iwould rather fly but is easir to go with group just 22 hr drive i migth back out of driving and fly not committed to anything yet,,driving allows me to smoke and take a little more equipment safer wonder what mom is going to think when i show up with rock n roll camp consellors hahahah ,,212$ to fly 268 $ to rent car + gas but split 4 ways so i mean i am just so indiscisive i am ,, never sure about anthing..


BABY VOMIT keepin it real august 2004


Wednesday, February 09, 2005 
my first picture
record room is mess cleanning up,, soon lots of shit on ebay eqipment / records i am going to sell i will try to list it here and email all first need to cleen out a little // space is clutterd and pushing in new direction..maybe rummage sell.. making copies now 4 more to go WHO'S EAR 002 (bobby vomit/unszene shared stereo) ltd. hh10 is good but i like the longer version a little better but i think some people will pfefer just a little bit so i am in the middle ..i asked pearl broach if he would do a split//with robert inhuman .. i have heard both and think it would be nice .. BADTASTE shsshow APRIL??? ..feb 17/18/19/ miami,fla... march 25/ huntington,W.V.,,,april bloomington,ind>> muncie,,ind..for me this is busy schedule .. and i am trying to put together home made records dgalore i have a lathe working very shity now but making records any way ... noise ,,,cut up floppy sound sheets,, cardboard records ,, lots of 7" records,, i just bought 50 blank rockola records .. each show from feb12 -------april i will play record no grooves and cut with knife to create rythmn various ways and things to cut with live will be limited adition hand made sleeves signed # for sale at the end of spring 2005.. badtaste4life..

early flat record machine i bet sounds great

[ed note: original image was too big, so big it messed up page formatting, so this is a resized version. original image is here. --love, your friendly neighborhood stAllio!]

ivan sofielsa maize
also ass you alll might not know my penis is a working member of the human race it has produced many o sperm in asses pussies and mouths as well as several different hands faces places etc.. it has also rproduced as startling as this is i know wow huh well i am a great father be leave it ,,, sofielsa plays record s she surprised me one day i have played records with her since she was about 2 months old incouraging her to interact with the platter i mean i had xylaphone lessons as a kid and played percussion in marching band in middle school but i prefer turntable and key boards but turntable is chice insturment even thought well never mind,, she at a year old picked up a record we were playing i have bought and have well over 400 kids /children records for me and her ,, she picked up the record put it on the turntable put tonearm on record smilled laughed and the grabbed it and abbrassively moved it across record i just watched adnwas like hell fuckin yea more smilling laughing i got her her own record player and records she has ben recorded and let me say i love it way better than i could have ever imagined so feb 12 ivan sofielsa maize aka(baby vomit ) will be opening my set if all goes well i will put it out on who's ear' 006 or somthing so be looking for it for real

ahmad jamal
many of you dont know i am a folk art folk music jazz music junky setting uptairs in the record room jamming out to ahmad jamal ltd cpy pitched shift slowed down minus 50 % way out ther drinking 90 minute ipa getting drunking smoking lefties eyes rolled nback in head the show in march is in huntington west virginia offer d it up to da butcher he doesnt want to b the rave master (((( was he ever ))))) i personally hate rave but like partsse tjkahguihrvi jv and i dont think i consider him rave need to know who is gong to go on the asap ,,, ok yo ho's big bolck rock the cock ,, what never mind ,, want to do cassette split wit robert inhuman and pearl broach ,, like to do a dr.8.m.d. cassette split with humdrum that experimental shit with the printer ,, keeps it rave yo good titttle hu ,, who's ear 005 .. who know s .... got 8 left for 001 002 will be done tommorow night also first 50 cassettes are ltd to 15 minutes per side ,, iam always buying shit used got a good deal on tapes ,, any one want s to trade hoola ,,, ya break core english i fucked the queen or actullly she bitches all time all you ever think about is record record this record that i am a bad person listen to music destroy my self others everything around me ,,,good fall down,,chronic depression iHATE the human race .go fuck yourself ,,,,,,, good good knews know nothing little ,,hman ape like but much infeariooor to rest of world world war 3 know destroy america and all the whores inside destroy all human race inihalate the wholwe fuckin planet sick little insects,,,,,,,,hate hate hat e the smartest animal on the planet is also the most destructive ... i am it you know the storie weekist chin in the link is as strong as the chain is or weekist team player is as strong as teamm duh duh worst human being is as strong as i am and i hate him not me but the whole race fucking honky white jew mexican black cacasion yellow black white african peurtorican hispanic french german japanese every one evry were die dirty pretensious whores of the world fleas and dog pis rodent fuck of fff join your universe kill yourself and everyone around form a holy jihad and rid the planet of this horrible ifestation of human disease,,,,,,,,

Tuesday, February 08, 2005 
4 days of angr
new enrg level confused , hesitant restrictact ent unt , excattle follower heard a few sow to the bd room hint niht hint nudge wink wink hostil fights fucking drinking coffe long walks home from the bar long walks with you for no reason just so i can annoy you life is unpleasent bull of bull shit but not exactly approx.248..$$to rent a car for week unlimited miles,,gues i will be riding with robert inhuman some guy from right arm severd,never met the other coming in from madison wisconsin ,, show in april badtaste bpp bloomington,, march 25 aske dto play show in w.v. asking one of the badtaste guys to go always wankers,,trying to set up show inmuncie in april as well out door noise all day with suspensions ,,dont have a list yet to confirm but i no allot of people said they would be down ,,so now i need this guy to get back to d beeeich with the date i havebeen confirmed then i will start confirming acts probably do noise , electronica/show so werd tird big bird drop a big load yo keep it beeper

Friday, February 04, 2005 
i ihve infected toh e hole vomit nest baaby and all cold disease tchniclaly bacteria i hate and love bacteria it is gogo od and it is bad trendous strength , sinus driped into lungs now spend couple days coughing up... need to take equipment to fla,, dilema , cant be over 70 pounds ,, i think i am cool .. styrofoam coller inside of cardboard box buble everything and hope for best ,, 80$ extra charge if it is over 70 pounds ,, stupid,, oh wll
want to smoke rope with the pope ,,, i like the pope the pope smokes,, david peel and the lower eastside,, i am going to weigh my record players see witch ones id the a lightest ,, taking horn record players i haope ,,, if any of the bad taste crew wants me to tke some merch holla ,, i think it is going to be ,, fun ,, i have to draw indiana i was thnking maybe thie indy 500 tire with wings infront of state with corn cobs stiking out from behind maybe a record player with wings with the awia re cycle symbol ,, i am polling so if anyone ANYONE has ideas on this i am open i am leaning one way but i guess brainstorming is were good ideas com from ,, does bush ever brainstorm,, does he fart much i wonder if i were president i would fart all the time in the most wrong place to see if people are so pretensious with there presence and nobility that they would act like they didnt even smeel it nor hear it ,,, i would fart and the n talk after words oh shit that one ripped me a new hole oh god damn thats death warmed over maybe even fart and waive it waft it towards then heere have some smell like shit, hope to feel better tommorrow ,

get stupid on cold mc
yep , this is retarded, politicaly incorrect extreme , ism jizm. got sinus head ache fever so yu o can rest medicine, sinus drain so ou can breathe medicine . stupid. md icine

Thursday, February 03, 2005 
cr 8 zzzzzzzzy
no hope excited to play show and see mother,,,, mom ,,, she is well i hope , feb. 17 . badtaste take over sadwaste break down , hopefully by next view in indiana badtaste will have some freeky remixes in the stixes so i,ve been told moldy records lead to broken beats so there like high kinda tweeaked , geeked , on the toilet bowl with poop stuck to the cheek.. last week , tommorrow yes excited dawg this ma be an ettempt to elude people with junk mail saves them the hasstle of trying to decipher and then respond yo , i get it , if your reading this shit leave som feed back cause other wise boreing i think this was intnded to not be email ? b v .. i it r 8 or re it R 8 , correction like zen my friend let it begin again oh dubois creature monster feature break down ge for power brings good things to life ,, indiana home of the kkk so others have noticed fuckin shit , what kinda lagacy sad waste democratic bullshit hostile religuos pressure chew the panties of some girls,nose is still stuped up thinmkg about jihad holy war , who cares m so american , i pay taxes wich is wack caught up in the system might get you but it wont get me hahahhaha youth aingst who is paying the bills >???? questions are not always underlined and words dont always mean what they apear to read ....

Wednesday, February 02, 2005 
filled with live
life trival ell pursuit suit s that i don twear ear well a so to the night and in the morn .... coled mecdicine head is e so i say to my sinus bactreria naaaaaaaaa naaaaaaaaaaaa do i like the some what passionet but yet terrrible pressure , paid my dues to the state and county ar help a person move ooooh gave a tattoo got drunk palyed records shit ones self rolled in puke for a while listen in g to janet jackson nasty girl somehow i remember learning to do the moon walk as a child we waited and waited for Mtv to show that micheal jackson video one more time maybe way back then i had a fascination with micheal what was it ,,,??? say thats different ...??? show me hey his first release as jackson five i think on steelworks records out of indiana lots a good soul music iut of indiana

"i like to tell lies and my nose is always growing cause i like to tell stories about india,,,...about indians,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,about indiana ........" punk lyrics from a band on the black brittle fricbee comp>>out of indiana ,,,..............

enuff with lies i just want everyone to know that indy music started in indy i firmly beleave this and having that sid i meand ever since woodstock since i ate that brown acid way back when in the 60'S well shitz be different started coming out blue cream cheese and shit hot water tomotatoe paste toothbrush doosh bag hot toast bannannna boat song ding dong chuckles dingle berry reference know tolerance for teen sex expresso jelatto G dog pound them keys bobby Vomits BLAWG

Tuesday, February 01, 2005 
bobby vomit/ unszene live cassettes
just feceaved 2 day 50 cassetttes kisses from france know re ally 14.00 $$$ shi pp hanlin include ,, 30 min long , 50# quantity, so it starts WHO'S EAR 001 bobby vomit/ unszene (short edit) live brutal damage fest cinncinati ohio january 28 2005 .. i am selling cassettes 3$ if any body wants one email thnx ,, WHO'S EAR is going to be bobby vomits DIY cassette label.. simialiar to brr ,, it was orriginaly supposed to be magazine and do to our true bad taste ethics i procrastinated nate id shit man be now alaaa s hear it is again the rise originally i reliced a cassette with band members carri shaw , natha ?, randy hull, me, called ( H.I.V. positive) we played one live show toall noise, me and randy werked on recordings for 3 or 4 months noise collage 4 track cassette shie and it was the first cassette lmtd to 20 cpies 30 min long,, these new cassetes formally labeled WHO's EAR obviaslly because i am compolsively indiana will only release each edition starting with 001 in ltd edition of 10 to keep em worth havin if you dont have cassette you should look on ebay for a good marantze tape deck mono or stereo or go to good will for christ sake .. or huge shit son floor amazing monkey of a man climbs wall beats head against wall sticks finger in ass looks at poop on finger and flicks it towards other peopl gatherd around to watch disgusted horrorfied they still look because it is exciting and the are bored smoking pipes filled with vomit,,,002 will be short edit of bobby vomit unszene shared stereo collaberation , me and unszene split left channel and right channel each of us going mono but when you llisten in stereo you get both at same time each in a different speaker ,, it is magic if i say the least ,,, peased peace grease and lubricated ass hole goats warm vaginal secretion caked on bawlls oh ahh

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