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Tuesday, June 07, 2005 
wow wee
n the last pics you can see where bobby vomit wrote his name in blood on the table
after repeatedly smashing his own face with one of his record players

from travis morgan post on !heartnoise sight

yes twas is true show was insane long drive very long and then whe set up camp nice spot then BANDS started screamm metalish stuff not so well someone said they were there to split up the noise cause for the ladies and all noise all day is just bosring but i dont agree i think bands where not good i dea but anyways cops came and said turnd own and came again and said turn off ,, show ws then moverd i was drniuk and people i went with were drunk so we were like and dewd throwing show went tinto the HOUSe and threw a feti tireefit cousing bangin shit up the n came out said he would drive we took consensus uh and i made hot dogs and smoked on the drive with the girlsfriend and then we loaded up trunk ck with gear 6 record player and two modified record playedsrt we drove 4 miles away into tennesse outback and foggy deer in roadn cident and then a clearing a trailer and way beyond that down a path lit only by flash light up hill narrow path hauled the gear trechorish big rig ,, all tim my bgear didnt work i was wasted confused free for all noise scream into recods i bashed my face in breakining records throwing them bangeing head into record players andd blood started coing out of my face and so i csigned my name in blood to the table i was playing on i looked at the table after i put away fgear nothing but brokin peaces of records lots and my name in blood on whit surfac beautiful good fun set shannons records made the day he was a trooper i broke about 4 records or more on my face and threw shit tuns out into the woods ,, have scrapes scrathces scrathed eyeball gash on for head exhausteing drive back next mourning i looked at record players and one had blood drops all over the volume control FUCKIN magnificent ......

Thursday, June 02, 2005 
BOBBY VOMIT PROMOTE ART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005 
sk8 or dieth dewd
dragon masters fuck you dungeons and dumb asses fuck you the ability to love greed fuck you capitalist greed monger fuck you free society +taxes etc etc.. fuck you fuck me for fuckin you 2 fuck this fuck that learned once learn it again bend over take it like a member of the team? no thanks fuck sports your sport your spot on tv once a week bullshit ,, throw away sociwety hog it up sniff it out ,,,, fuck minority ride a bike get smashed by car ,, fuck you i dont need scoiety i dont need society ragonomics forever killing me killing you pull out some old dri and keep it rell i donot need society i dont need society fuck society fuck there laws also ps who are they when you refer to fuck do you mean to beat with stick or humpy humpy MISStrohs is getting warm FUCK you and your dumb questions and sdumb answers feel good good feel bad bad feel bad good feel good bad audios pendehos

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