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Thursday, March 23, 2006 

mr obnoxious takes a ride , dork mobile away ....i put that scooter together for daniella bella but she has yet to ride it any were i have to the V.P. for gatorade!!
what a GEEK ....

trading i like both but since its 2 4 1 i let you pick

year of the dead cats
so sadness is all around war hunger and death ,, stinch of foulniss flowerishes werever we are.. my beloved feline frien ZEN flame point siamese i have had since he was a little one born 1998 on holloween is sick with aids , i was moving around a bunch and was homeless for 2 years , i let him live wiht my grandfather and he has had a wonderfuoll life there fgoing outside all day fed loved he is sick lost 4 pounds my grandpa called me to tell me and am in tears , sad , i suppose it is the first person i have lost to aids i say person cause he is an animal like all of us but somthing more a personable bond he always came to me blah blah blha , he knows who i am , he is being put to sleep now, audios amigos, sad day , i have a dreadfull cold and now with the head ache comes the heart ache ,, sad times , i have him tattooed on me and he has inspired several paintings and videaos , i suppose we are all in love with animals and somtimes or always the cicle of life must change form ,, aids , he has a new found freedom OUTSIDE for the last couple of years and has ben in sevearal cat fights i suppose that is were he got it , my grandfather was crying deminshes me realaly sadness of life , but the happiness is just as equall i hope.. so best wishes to my long loved friend as he passes i am to far away to go and say good bye so i am saying it now ,, i would like to kiss him and scrths his ears,, onelast time,.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006 
animals within animals

it has been awhile but i have been ben stallioin around and shit ,, hahah,, and i wanted to do this for a whil,, i just got back from florida and i saw the illegal art show , bought negativeladd cd no business like noodles ,, and dvd and harr potter or wizard people dear readers holly crap your pants bukowskistics stalioeyezed what tha t, any how here is the first one , animals within animals , stencil for fun make shirts whatever , tutorials @ i put this one together from animals liberation shirts we were making and new it was perfect for awia

ASSHOLES WITH IN ASHOLES george bush stencil if you are feeling politiccally motivated,,

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