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Tuesday, November 15, 2005 
tattoo skateboard trade offs

gosh i have been trading tattoos for al kinds of sit lately but a lot of tattoos ant y any of you have one let me know i did this for kevin staab skateboard i will post both pictures

Monday, November 14, 2005 
sleepr has unwounded
shit mother fucker dod belave tho hype it aint all that that wak crap at the mall ,, need some supe r glue finiching record boxset projet with rrrecords, worked on about a week and a half over 2 months or so i am slack master or just have alot going taking it eassy some review of me or the show etc.. st louis nmoise fest
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Noiseman433 wrote:

You should also consider getting some of the other Muncie experimental folks to play (and actually, one half of T.E.C., Bobby Vomit, is an experimental turntablist based in Muncie).

Anyone who hasn't seen Bobby Vomit really fucken needs to! This guy plays a beat up old turntable with a broken arm, ripping the stylus across these broken records that he's put back together with duct tape and sells at his merch table (I bought one). Musically may not be your cup of chai, but it's damn sure fun to watch.

Same goes for Noiseman. I'd never imagined that a metal box and a chain could sound like the hand of god smacking the shit out of the humanity. Nor that someone so seemingly scary on stage (especially when he used to sport the full-on Klingon warrior look) could be such a nice guy.

I'm interested in this "belly dance" band. Saw a flyer yesterday, but looks like I'll be out of here before you guys play again.
"When everyone dislikes a man, enquiry is necessary; when everyone likes a man, enquiry is also necessary." -- Confucius
chat somwhere i fond it google ,, aug 17 2005

and a new comp IR017: Various Artists - Microphone Compilation CDR
A myriad of compositions ranging from all-out harsh noise/power electronics to minimal ambient textures from:
101!, Anatole Stretch, Bob Bellerue/Half Normal, Bobby Vomit, Directbrainstimulation, Ex-Jesus, Klowd, Lap Dancer, Locust Sympathizer, Lume, Moribund, nkondi, Noveller, Other People's Children, Realicide, Reverse Titanium, Riverbed Mausoleum, Sickness, Simon & Simon, Wilderness.
All tracks utilize microphones or microphonic instruments. No edits/cut 'n paste shit. Running time: 76:02
stamped CDR packaged in jewel case w/blue inserts/traycard.
edition of 100. $7 ppd US ; canada/world add $1

to order: paypal address:
money order/checks accepted - please email for instructions:

this wass the show a few reviews oin the i heart noise , i listened to the tape last night i like it very developed hog wassh
2005-10-04 00:00:00.0
noisefeSTLo5 posted by Mark Sarich
3 days - 4 concerts - 2 workshops - 50 groups

Schedule has been set for this years noisefest. Admission for each concert will be $8, however weekend passes are available for $25. Space will be extremely limited, and tickets are currently on sale at the Arts Center ( or through Jeremey Kannappel (
Friday October 14, 05
the I Don’t Do Gentlemen
Haubrek and He
Curse of Dick Wilson
yes collapse
Singing Hoof
Skarekrau Radio
Darin Gray
Haunted House

Saturday October 15, 05
3:00 pm
audio electronics workshop

7:30 pm CONCERT B
Temple of Bon Matin
Andy Crash
Bobby Vomit
Brain Transplant/ Dave Stone
Climax Denial
Vehemence 6.2
Mavis Concave Occasional Detroit

Sunday October 16. 05
11:00 am
Seminar in experimental composition

2:00 pm
Conference meeting.

3:00 pm CONCERT C
Hentai Lacerate
Rich O’Donnell and Jim Heggerty
Tango Dance Instruction Book
Pink Pastor
Roxanne Jean Polis
Dark Inside the Sun
Broken Tape No Choir
Lazer Mountain

7:00 pm CONCERT D
Worm Hands
Ghost Ice
Divine Pile
Danny McClain
Taiwan Deth
R Inhuman
Eric Hall
Big Nurse
W C Burn
Jason Zeh

i really liike climax denial and brain transplant was an awsome show long drive just me and i wanted to get home to hang with sofielsa goiing throught collection getting tapes made this year for more searie of whos ear have stallio ,unszene, and stuff of mine you all might want to hear,,i am at home shillin all day dinkin mochas painting records listeing to bunch shit u2 bright eyes sure emotional roller coasters going up stairs paly some china white and great white ,, fuckin corn dogs the ses records are pure garbage ,,and also this dude is a reall kook,,


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likes me and unszene hahaha a,,,, and i have to sa i have been not blawg dawgin shit hardenuff for you brows been outside enjoying wesathe rbut now weather is colloe dso this cup a coffee keeps me in this fishe net of pussy hairs bitches you r assses are bigg and red mo fo

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