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Tuesday, May 29, 2007 
turn down
so luke called me sat night late an sund morn show was cancelled tho the people i lined up showed with people ,, very disapointing not getting involved with setting shows up shows for othere s orgasmoic resoponse unit had other things to do ? i spent my memorial day weekend serving up for retards was invited and coulda done shit wiht my daughter fuck those bands for not showing ,, but thats life thank s for ffucking up my mhole week planning kleaning getting shit ready telling people getting baby sitter etc.. dewds sucks make the most of my middle finger....

Thursday, May 24, 2007 
sunday the 27

memorial day in the basement ,,,, 4 acts i will be on bass guitar with orgasmic resopnse unit !!!! yeah ,, some dewd from nuvo is or wants to take picture maybe we can mug hime o her and take there photo equipment ,,, no never hahaha no poop in g on floor ,,, doggy style only poop on floor while g oin gay and doing naked hand stands or cart wheel pooping is alowwed !!


8 00 pm 700 howard muncie old west end

show up around 7 ish esc. est

Tuesday, May 22, 2007 
uh yeah ,, so me an butcher did a show back in UH ? at the top of the hearot ,, all the badtaste locals where the hentai lacerator orgasmice response unit and me an doctoor tird rangler ,,

i had a bunny mask on he the nija shit beat shit out of his moni5tor and it died i scream threw the turntable ,, viking bar rock out ,,, oul d moldy newws ,, this past weekend we did the heinous rave hahahahaa it was fun but the show had declining memebr and left inhuman feeling bad ,, bad taste turnout i gueesss,, on with the review..

dr butcher and zoke the collab 12 inch ,, hollty shit toxic spores and all ,, mariachi we give zoke thumbs in the bumb for outstanding gaynesss really played his side hardest so far so much to chopo cut spit on and fuck like some spring fling and a wet nap .. diaper wipe my ass with zokes new track s ,, dr butcher EVIL needed to copies to really make this worth your listen the complement each other and that was a plyus and i let the shit get funke up with stallions record and it was the badtaset vomit mix ,,, maybe july 4th will hear this messed up mix ,, cocktail weiners and all ,, any ways

may 27 8 oclock bacon hanger , orgasmic resonse unit and mysterie badn at my house basement show first in a series of basement art from the home of slackers united i bring u big poops on the floor ? you will never understand pussi pussie pussie ,,,,

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