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Friday, December 30, 2005 
i have no legs

doing freak tattoos post more maybe wild happy new year you all

Wednesday, December 14, 2005 


slacker worker busy man family man

so been slackin WHO cares feel good about slack its what you work for ,,,>?/? so got most of the record s done i have been working on 2 or 3 months now holly crap for emill box set still have not sent master ,, need to go to someones house to master mine,, for me burn cd basically i give up. no and been doin documentinfg skating , cleaned basement and got some shit framed attic studio is freezin need kerosene heater 118$ dollars expencive but worth it so i can do some recording set up some shit , cut some vinyll and here are some photos of the skateboard chairs i made ,,got some more in the works i think i will post a couple of photos of the record s twoo so 2 posts vomit

Tuesday, December 13, 2005 
vallely graphic start

just started this on allen vallely couldnt decide to do it flat or with grey shading so did it wiht grey shade also did the vallely pg 13 with horses humping ,, and chaged a few things still need to color it in have hot pink in k from waverly going to use pussy pink i think for the pig we left it flat .. well you can see alterd it from original pig is big but not huge ducks are biggest and they saay vegan and barn has ALF written on it not done yet just the start...

Thursday, December 08, 2005 

i am winer el numero one dont gabba rappa rappp crappa crapp attack chaos only photo of me and murky deidnt git up or dj turnon the lights ,, hall of shame whos is that masked terroist probly paying iraqi gonnvernment to run add for his show or is he stealling my computer ,,,,dewd the wood panel is dopes elll sucko it harder ,, were the fuck is ZOKE ,,,bloke penis tshirts with seceret amount of sperm arounfd the fuckin collllar shit takes 50 sents i mean shit dewd shiny 0007 tooth dewd your left tooofers isGREEEN bad breathe yo yo were da glow sticks @ shit was loud hard ,, we come to play then leave cool show for the last five people stallio vomit baconhanger olong term troopper hear for the music if not 15 yr old girls waiting in corner for ya gooda be home buy 10 or i am grounded amindjfnfmiddle school blues shit i thaought i saw ,, she was only hahahaha no drugs noalchol missed the beer i always miss my beer ,,, oh donyut hole bend over i have got a boner? burn it brn t right right i have these photos ways better erereresolution ,, so alll peeps can get one i will get some cd.s with the photos on them ,,,,,alrightg twell show was very goosd i always complain so i did done with it ,,, i liked most ofthe sets actually all of them except laptop dewd shit was old,, sorttta i mean old enough i am pretty much over it sorta,, and dj cd ees lights not working ,, same but they stilled plauyed good music i just finiky and the light guy swas super nice dewd ,, ,ps i am crewd assssssssssssshole rusty butter wallls thick shit flow out my hole but he saved a shared of my recrodoor so he has taste BADTASET<,,sick ,,,, dr butcher THE NINJA killer ,, all the little girls and kids cleared out 13 people left hahaha,, no more comentary only missed photos of me an murky an fithy fury jon jimmie dj frat boy does the printer porn style what the fuck wack booo bbooo booo i say to bad taste booo booo ( dr butcher inspired ))) awsom show realluyy all who can jive the lingo get high drink a beerer get offf of my nuts dop[e shit badtaste in you r face ,,, thanks zack ,,,peace



Monday, December 05, 2005 worthy news
i guess ,, IR017: Various Artists - Microphone Compilation CDR
A myriad of compositions ranging from all-out harsh noise/power electronics to minimal ambient textures from:
101!, Anatole Stretch, Bob Bellerue/Half Normal, Bobby Vomit, Directbrainstimulation, Ex-Jesus, Klowd, Lap Dancer, Locust Sympathizer, Lume, Moribund, nkondi, Noveller, Other People's Children, Realicide, Reverse Titanium, Riverbed Mausoleum, Sickness, Simon & Simon, Wilderness.
All tracks utilize microphones or microphonic instruments. No edits/cut 'n paste shit. Running time: 76:02
stamped CDR packaged in jewel case w/blue inserts/traycard.
edition of 100. $7 ppd US ; for internation orders, please see ordering information. 25 copies remain

and show at odd fellow s will be posted tommorrooww any questions?

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