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Thursday, July 31, 2008 
ought abut a skull it , i like my braids , its beeen so long , i forgot what it was likt to interact, i should figure out a link to the flicker , even if you dont reqad it i am intertained , taint . lick , it , my heart is a crack raock , all smoked up and confused , breaking the law strallin an robbin , takin wha tt it wanst wants to get more of what it doesnt need , k ruff n tuff bugger but t shoopin in a fleamarket
hair cut o r ot , th



sad waste doesnt care some where in indiana

111 arts gallery and tattoo studio

111 e main street , since may , maybe even april all my time has been spent working on this building , buying it , me and shannon , are going to open up sometime in august, art gallery 1 st thursday of everympnth with a performing artis , mostly noise and electrnics , maybe some acoustic folk , butt fuck your couzins wilest watching , kaptain kangoroo,

grandpa grab ass
daniel is grabbing his ,pa pa ass,, he has fleas right now , 2 projects are almost done another started , aybe get some photos,

Friday, July 25, 2008 
time flies when your mind is running out off your ass, so i have been reading etc, havnt stoped livin thought iwasnt takin an interest in keaping up the blog , i think not updating it everyday created a lack of interest and i hope to keep up on here if not just a little bit to document the mass amount of projects i have been working on as a sorta LOG , etc, my brain is extremely small not as small as my penis but close , ,,,

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