bobby vomit's blawg
Tuesday, February 05, 2008 

flags wave em high gettting caled out on the poost tromaticc hiatis syndrom , sadwasted boblog sir reverand butcher balls miss me logo action pasked bullmalarchy , anrchy flued feelings lost in the time warp badtasted , were have you been hiding angry mad , world destruction noise , people isss peopls shesheeple people sheople , s is noise , blah blah blah blawg , here it is half of a year gone and nothing new from me what happend ,,, lets say my old lady left and i like drinking ,,, hahahaahah and smoking and a lot of change , its coming around i am coing out of the closet flag , , . re aranging the furniture at home , paying attention to little things missing somthing , are we ready for summer ,, ?

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