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Wednesday, March 30, 2005 
new record
78' format spray painted etched,by hand inserts cut ,,,card boar4d art white sleeve plastic ( prepared vinyl disc) ltd. 12 bobby vomit 2005

anti social
im anti living?

whatever punk is skunk rottin ol hole just bought it at the shoppin mall yes ues i am so hardcore i no everyone and you are nothing im anti living mom will you buy me anti living really stupid fachion fag i only were BLACK and my favorite band of all yttim e is nirvana suck suck suck city i am so cool you are a looser look at you what you listen to feel this way evryfday sign sing same song forever never grow just bad ass till i have heart failure , fuckin furgetttitt aboutit

YOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SLACK fuck whats the up chuck VOMIT CORE for the ladies ,,, kiss my bare nacked ass BUTCHER heard the new lathe cut after the bobming bobby vomit been busy giving awaty stuff to all my palls who wants some stuff,, extra turntables shit , art , music furniture rummage maybe making more records 3 series one 7 inch working on having cassette with seven (prepared plastic disc) title? maybe ,,,,so who wants some mor"ri huntington W.v.,,WHAT TO SAY LONG TRIP WITH NO ACID YO BUM BUM stoney hits the highway? yo thats were i am at ,, mr butcher no practice taske off with me cd player< pirates i tell ya pirates?? we venture long into the land of OOOOOOOOOOOOOhiOOOOOOOOO and turn on to long sow back woods hump ya slowly in the butt highway %) 50 yulp to parkers butrge do the miami vice hotel cocaine in parking lot deal hahaha no not really just set out my record cutteres and met gib from west tec services , very cool me and the ol man chat chat about record cutters etc.. he ask me what the hell doin he is like far out so you are just gonign to go crazy ? yelop i guess i might alreadtyy be ther r ;ife as art ? ya know ,, no molds etc,, live beleave it suck some sppirituallity out of me dick , penis envy , crass, always crass doin the dave mansfield deathfield shugfffle FREAKOZOID ,, huntington what a show no money 60 $ drive there but i amm gettin some shit fixed +++++++++++ so no biggy my set butcher set collab ,, sound guy fuck up an some sound no loud enough but tape hissy mostly monitor power WEIRD but i like it first clean frig for me in a whil NO , ewelll we got drunk highlight was recording me and bvtcher getting drunk listening to sonic death playing nintando in room of 18 yr olds we got louder and louder then slept in a room with art work from an insane insylum ,(lobotomy good for you eas the pain) or somthing like that i had nightmares poossed by the dead zombie victumss walk this earth with no brains some weird witch cult practicing setting voodoo death marsch bullshit in head ,,,,,, sold sonme stuff , way home i schose to hit up several goodwilll score of the weekend yamaha vvs 30 for 5$ better than the sk 1 DOPE turn my screamming voice into raw computer game like soundss and beats seriously need a sampler that is dope fucked be yound belife needs no mod (for me anyways) yamaha kicks but ,,,,,,,, vegatarian hardcore noise sluts are my favorite , neee moter of the blck death highway screamo vocal drop beat broke core gabber speed metal death bass drum kick ,, back home again in indiana ,,,, slcaking need to put pictures up tried last night and thing would let me post picture so maybe tonight audios badtaste sadwastezoid

Tuesday, March 22, 2005 
photo collage from magazine or fre cd thing from store
i dont know dont care but i thought it looked good now , wow just a thought or message i am working on hand painted ltd 10 release bobby vomit ( after the bombing) record a cut scared sanded rubed against the side walk the spray painted and each coms with hand lathed lock groove ,, pure recycled noise i am offer ing these here 1 email me i will post pictures tommorrow,,

Saturday, March 19, 2005 
today LOG
i ate chinese food yesterday a pizza at the bar drank 2 beers, came home 11:00 ate lasaugna dani made,wathced some TV fell asleep awoke drove to indy for record convention and sofielsas cousins birthday party day was peety much dull ,, recod convention is always kinda lame i get a kick out of people thaouhg dig up some crapy old tunes i found (fuck you spacemen) 7"comp awsome rockabillish surf music all about startreck and shit been looking for a whil paid stupid price ,found bobby helms12' first record awsome trashy condition bought billy holiday 12'thing and a red fox12' record a porno record51/2' out of stag magazine explains how to beat off to the record picture has cum on a girls mout h on the record+++++++ legendary pink dots lp ,soft cell dance dub,,phsychic tv 12'lp ,concrete bonde single 12' , 5 45 for dollar ,yoko ono 7' 1$ and iggy pop on bump 1994 david bowie freee recrod i use to have this but it came up missing ( cool punk rock kids are fun to have over ? ) so then we went to the shalimar for indian buffet and then to birthday party daniellas had the wrong directions and argh we drove wwwwwwwaaaaaaaayyyyy out of the way ,, and the on getting to birhtday party notied GOODWILL 1/2 off day today ++++++++so made plans birthday party had cowns we had themm paint a third eye on sofielsa and everbody looked weird and we let her walk around peopel were kinda freeked out by us but it was all right after words we headed to the good will were i found great copy of bob from sesame street 50 cents or somthing ++++the n we headed towards 40 and went to that goodwill on washington and i liftd cartridge from a technic turntable highested 3 copies of a profit talk recod for snobs got a beelly dancing recor dan indianapolis our indiana home record a dini zulu record african druming for 1.63 lady rang me up wrong then we headed home lots stuff to do sending submissions into couple comp things 2 and getting stuff ready for rrr not all tonight but right ing down serial numbers from lathe , checking cutter head make shure it is working properly !!!! wow but face i hadnt shit all day either and when i got home pppppppuuuuuuulllllllluuuuuusssssshhhhh big turd fell out of my brown browny baking unit nasty and i just grab bella cuch y but she aint given it up chasing her aronn d like tarzan or a caveman dick in hand swinging bounceing of walls come on baby i LOVE YA dick in hand at the microphone stand suck baby suck well not tonight i guesss hahahahahaahahahahahahaha pussy pussy pussy i love them kitty kats

Thursday, March 17, 2005 
i'm the man bullshit
i try real hard we all try real hard ,, for MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEME



Wednesday, March 16, 2005 
mon night
woweee we all piled up around 5:00 headed to hair police justice yeldham show ,,, i liked alot ,, right arm severd,, justice yeldham(fuckin GLASSEATER)))!!!!shit is so fuckin awsome and thats about it i could have left then hair police shure , bruised anus machine did not sound like there usual stuff, some guy on sub pop wouldnt trade me cassette for cassette and said pussy hairs were gross!! i got drunk ,,, bought irene moon picture disc and 12 inch of somone who didnt sound like them selves very uptight rock stars ,, many people trying not to talk to me staring at me FREEK i no ino i ino who cares SCENE you too whatever let me tell you shit is the reason lpersonal favortite of night GLASS EATER ,, came home drunk ass a skunk m saw dave mansfield rv met loop retard traded for couple cassettes and a drwing ,, i think i lost drawing cant remember,, whitecasstle sucks ,, they ttricked me into eatting chees s groos had taste of shit in mouth about hour ,,,,,,long drive main people werent that interesting to me i am kinda over hippie jam band noise rock kinda shit but its all groovy man ,, i like computers, effects pedalls, circuit bent shit, chopped digital wrecked samples, crazy people doin weird shit ,,, guitars drums are big turnoff liike going to church on sundays i am such an ass buy me a beer

Tuesday, March 15, 2005 
happy birthday
happy birthday daniella day you fell out of yo mamas cootchy sack you all did it to good luck love ya bunchies xxxxxxxooooooooosilent l in flag ? we will et to i t later i am wearing a tie dress pants taking her to eat , she want a ring or a hamonica i asked so people try to get an A minor or some crapo see ya !!!!!!!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANIELLA BELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2005 
emil beaulieau physical remix
bobby vomit ,true grounds of love/ kiss


Friday, March 11, 2005 
I.N.C. rightarmseverd,smut,davemansfield,RJ,robertinhuman
thesuck,bobbyvomit onhismomspoorchmorningaftergettingwasted&destroyingequipmentinpublic
afrothedog juliamymom,wind,noise,dumb coversasions,DOT.COM bobbyvomit recycles some snuggles shit live(werd)google search it mustache face, panther claw, XXXcrewXXX , me talking about DJ emperical talking to me about hi emperical ? really i re told the story !!i know what an EMPERICAL is do you???newton,pussyhair,drunkcollagekids,42 minutes long .............its almost done tape duplicators arrive tommorrow i hope if so its on see ya mon..

Thursday, March 10, 2005 
well iam not an engineer? standedrized anyways
so here it is (silent tribute to DM./VS) shout out PUSSY HAIRS the cassette ,, in addition of 50# gettem while there still DNA expose ISH sse ,,, sort a have a red tint ,, right arm severd,in tampa with to guests?? guerrilla suit record players amp feed back pinyata heads RI hollering "BOUNTY HUNTER" ,bobby vomit on his moms porch morning after getting very drunk and destroying his shit in public,college kids in tampa drunk hollering obsenities with SMUT , few others if you are on this cassette read this free copy send me your ADDY or if see me and your on this its free other wise 3$ or whatever hello and i will be sending he ones out to MR. Murkbox !1 uno prompito ,,,,i think this is WHO'EAR 007 coincidence???????

Wednesday, March 09, 2005 
bobby vomit record collage
these are my source 7 " i am going to scan more also if anybody has a "collection" of bobbyvomit self releases i am trying to collect picteers as i do not remember everything i have done and would like to make a list photos etc, would help thnx..

drivin all i want is alcohol arive ben is my firiend mighty migthy ben boy us up hear inindianer is fmaily ask unszene sallio or butcher ?? we got breeds lookin for som action we like girls thie kind that put out ..jeesh shocvinistic pig biggins or itt ones its all the same insane jane marble head counter top tape counter its sover put new one in press apprpiate buttons beginn left channel is oft >>in ededn david mansfield thnkin of ya WHO?? S ear ,,,,,,,,minosota maniacs lotta good noise coming from that way trandsformed arnt we all.... wow show isnsanse rorrrron going off funny jokes hahah about me coincedintally rrrron sain he played awia record i made sofielsa head coming out of pussy arrrrrrrrr lesbo retreat.....payed it in detroit red some trash talk about werever on i heart noise i dont want to be part of the group i joined my space and am not sure why i could do with a web sight but why?? business cards idunt know sombody made me some should i uxsse them this hole thing is good ,,,,,,,,so let me begib.........wake up aroun 12 45 check email smoke get cofffe ben is on way b here by 2ish he uses ish alot at end of werds ,,and i drink coffe he arrives at this point i have showered scrathceds balls got equipment redy loading car smoking waiting on pearl brooch he desides rides with his girlly love dovey smmoochy woochy good thing fellows me be n ride together smokinfg lookin for our way we have done this a few times together ,,, rr pain bo coming up soon 5 hrs instead of 2.5 so wow and we find place 2 hours early or ish and find no name asian hot spot serving beelly aches asss rips and cute asian girls for dinner we go with the asian girl and for anti PC sake call her oriantel for rednecks sake (NOt) AND I EAT TOFFU WICH BECOMES HIDEOUS FARTS AND EVENTUALLY TAKES OVER BODY AND I CONVULSED DIED AND then came back to likefef unawar of what had happened i wawawoke in half price books wowow catman he is so happy i know hole storry geoff watch out ben has hussle dthe alternative waitresses at bookstore into adopting the preshisssss litttle kit LANDER or whatever and i buy price giuuild to american suicide attempts promo version not yet published but stccked alt all the local walmart s in the hate your self isle <<<<<>>>: unszene bobby vomit or stallio bobby vomit or whoever woho ewnats to rock it at the hearot on pro nazi skinhead night >>> BAD joke bad taste in you r face with dirytytrty toilet paper

Sunday, March 06, 2005 


Saturday, March 05, 2005 
redesign #2: how ya like me now?
posted by stAllio!

monseiur vomit asked for a "animated record player animated spinning recycled symbol"... i think i delivered there.

i also finally figured out how to get the right column to stick to the right side of the screen (which i'll discuss in more detail on my own blog)

!pussssssssssssssssssssssssssssssy! yes man

bobby vomit redesign #1
posted by stAllio!

like the new look? it's just a color variation on the original design. really fucking creative, i know.

leave your feedback/suggestions here.

Thursday, March 03, 2005 
"wow" photos
[ed note: click the pic to see the full-size version (it's huge). -stAllio!]

wow, mansfield dve , realicide, why be normal byron housee, janek schaefer, conversations,,,,,,,,,its been 4 weeks of cr8 zy ness,, last night i got wasted pissed on record played record threw 2 tone arm and 3 tonearm turntable , wrote on television i hate you and kick it aout of the house,turn couches upside down pretend i was in the army ,,shoot out ,, gluedd pussy hairs to janek schaefer record ,cut it smaller with zippo and pair of scissors ,, pissed nock of alot of the glitter from the other emixer eye eye captain,,, very inspiring album cant waite to play it again ,, i also carved the shit out of the new byron house 12 inch it is now 2 sided and 10inch ltd to 1/1 copy i will sell it cheap ,, it wasnt that good but now it is better more brutal ,, got cassette inserts made for realicide pearl brooch shared stereo split,, and the covers for the emil jessica weisse tour tape? was so drunkk i was ranting over top over janek album during record ,,had only a mic and i sound like the nihilist from the big labowsky stupid shit pretty embarrassed but i made 3 copies will make to mor ltd 5 janek schaefers album wow emixed by me no other records just the 2 .. more phoots soon

pissing on janek schaefer (wow)


drunk again in indiana not givin afuckabout anything>G
\][plokl,./ok bain damage homies like doit tourned it all upsdoe dwn gettin it out ophotos ya furniture upsode down out studio shapping up yes...//so finished shaefer remix except bowel movement rewind tape in morning making copies 1 2 or 3 not have poop .. or maybe make new recording 1 only limt to 5 until remix cassette re preess and next will feature shit on ohotos to come in morining drunk had fun pissed on soon as i got home sofielsa played with record first do you have child yet may these two children could play records togethere and then bb renmixed by children arouned worl needed grant monie need helps o os pdfpa i5tnuiq .-=/ isa
]'\ sombody told me my djafhdshit was linjvoi3f-03475[-0ty802m c,. fucked up impossable yo what ? i mean america ,,,, whole indigi= neous culturee wiped out like >>>>>> who a told you thid sa asbout erefvcvi0 juh SOiopwkvjc fdldfdweofdjedfceexplain i dont understand shit fiuiouy 9fdopkbod\/ SOCIETY..WHITEY

Wednesday, March 02, 2005 
i do have porr english and love afair with rrrecordssss
all at one time eventually nothing ...

waithing to get home areading i foung ddd led this aw rawk ,,
so no winspired to get drunk lose my dog take showts every 15 minutes 150% liquor wasted kentucky wiskey missig sock need to fowl smelling birds nice cd listen today shopping sprea music run im not in england whos ear cares indigenouis to this place forced to loose native language some generations back speak on broken terms nice lionel richy record fold out looks the same as micheal jacksonmn? going home getting drunk fucking with the janek shacefer record on new 3 tonearm record player fixed it last night sampler built in fixed looks like a big piece of shit sonds like it too wonderfull hope it still workds by monday looking forwarfd to show the emile b. karl sickness,,also i will play the janekschaefer record fucked twice by a canadian and american DISKONO o no i think iwill poor whiskey piss on cut name into territorial !! i will record it if anyone wants sounds of me pisssing on janeks record throwing it in a toilet ? BOWEL MOVEMENT i hope!!! getting drunk playing record at home and show hell i will make a 30 minute tape 15 per side look out more tommorrow >>> drunk fever turntable disaaster throw up tear ti tall up

Tuesday, March 01, 2005 
right arm severd ??and special guests
tampa ..bobby vomit ..these guys are really weird

pussy hairs on casste tape
wow 50 cassettes made and gone almost gone,, next i got pearl brooch and realicid master done making copies tonight and tommorrow,,006 and aftr that is oo7 ,, conversations in miami a dog ,right arm severd, bobby vomit on moms poorch(excerpt),,15 minutes per side 30 minutes totall.. also pushing shity recycled cassette of junk trachs all wrong and very stupid very limited and not part of whole,, also oo7 with right arm severd will feature pussy hairs taped to each cassette brought to you by daniella ,, each cassette with couple pussy hairs taped to them ........ ltd to 50 piss yellow cassetes biggest eddition yet ,,,,,,dave youer pussies hairs will make you ears melt

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