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Wednesday, August 23, 2006 
zoke i am going to post this again and again

and again and again until somebody gets one of these especially the zoke slut bound gagged and amputated?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006 
KNights inn nstyville

the nashville knights in n was insane when we arrived crackhead drug dealers and prostitutes were all over us YIKES , then the room does not lock i go to call the front desk and the phone does not work !!!!! sortta freaked at the moment and then i decide to fgo to fornt ddesk i am yloike yo what the fuck is up with this situtastion here,, he gives me bigger room in scetchier place, but bigger door handle keeps falling off of the door but it has a couch and shit,, me and mike get high t and then goes across the bridge int nashville to go homky tonkin , mostly country never heard the definitive nashville background singing style go to some neat country bars buy a 3 $ pbr!! any ways we ind up at a place called the blue moon or somthing as such great horro style rockabilly band playing the play a social distortion song ball and chain do a really good r & b cover rad ,, get wasted smoking cloves wearing pink slip on shoes in nashville is a lotta stairs Eye see you ahahha,,, FAgit yay aya face it i clash ,, but is good time i get back to the hotel strip to my shorts wright i hate you on my stamach in great big letters and go out to see what is up with the natives, mike is freaked and locks the door, says i am crazy, i go out no one will talk to me shirtless with i hate you on stomach barefoot drunk smoking clove some weirdo is traying to tlak me into goin to his room to smoke a joint , i t is like 3 or 4 i nthe mourninig i tell him i dont smoke pretty much just stay sober nowa days he is weird , i mean look at me hahaha no one bothered me though pretty funny the cops probably would have takin me to the pokey that night ,, but furtherte inspection of my room shows that the air vent was very fitlhty and there was no plug on the end of it ? it hink this is against the law so i took pictures ,,, warning DO NOT stay at the KNIGHTS INN by the stadium in nashville tn unless your are you all is crazy know what i mean ,,,,,,

trip in to atlanta the tn
earlier this summer i went on a trip with my friend mike and i took some photots this was a view going into nashcville , i make a good ol fashion beer cooler outta a sink , people grow hair etc,, old house was in knoxville ... all the traffic is atlanta , people sleeping with matteress under bridge is freaks,, 360 panoramic ,. new digital camera , more to cum

Monday, August 07, 2006 
sofielsa stylin on trip to nashville tn

dewd was up ,,, totally retarded we ride in style

Tuesday, August 01, 2006 
welinder in pink had it forever


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