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Monday, September 19, 2005 
zinsinatti sat 17 empirical throw down how down
fun trip good show diverse spread ,, neat venue or very functional cozy ,, set ups wer e weir d 9 i would rather have plaid the turntables next to my rig but the set up would have been 2 awkward to perform proper ly this time i took a strand of lights i had seen stalio and others have and used i t for lighting it worked great my shet i mean set was shorter than expected i need major tone arm rehaul one i knocked the actual diamond tip off a needle hahaha i new somthing was up as i could only get a tone and i need to add grip tap e to side of platter for better friction pic up texture sound but as was i took one turntable effects and sample r and it was a nice crescendo into a pretty lame back off but that is waht it was i usually like a higher amount of noisse build up at end but this time the machine failed a little or just alrtere rf d my idea stallio set was good i like d the video behind him it collaged very well with him i think .. his set lots noise with all sorts of weird tv samples and shit a little katrina and alittle bibble man ,, downtoiwn indy haas frree mtv 2 wow wee no not really but there is we agrreed neet cartoons on there entertainment he samples it ... spent night @ viragos with astallio and i slept on couch apartment in downtown indy tower great view in the morning had lunch at basbows drove home ate sushi at park with bell and sofielsa and friends rode skateboard down soap box derby hill fell scratched self up GOOD hurts to day but wvery fine weekend jaunt and mr steve b boy hooked us booth up with $ for playing the show AWSOME thanks have to do a tattoo now ((((((((((((( )))))))))))))


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