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Saturday, April 30, 2005 
short set
ok eweell we made all bad taste i listend to audio of show i really like that psace no t to many complaints my turntable wasnt really doing what it can i flaked a llittle maybe but listening very short and i love the helmet hitting the ground so that was the point i reaeally wanted to push an anti war theme even if some dont get it or wonder why it was so short and ben wowwy i recorded that 21 day b4 rad unszebenstormin iunszene begining of set cut off and end butcher set shortened (flip tape) stallio full length benhajnmm aoiju953ohgv if you want can you put couple of the tracks from that cd up here as mp3 post? your choise of traxcks ? ok well ewe weere outta smokes and got some for the ride mhomeo woooooohoooo and then we jamed noise cds full blast whilest zooming through the wide open fields of ohio lots of cops out i was smoking cloves feeling awkward about having talked to so many people and wondering the outcome really explosive short trip not univentfull just mellow good time with friends over all great performance tight but not overwelming (maybe that the building is better with out the art gallery wich addeid a bit of somthing different thatn were the ( badtaste ) crew ussally ends up playing as a crew?? screw you touuuu budddie no fun me and ben did a (barbershop) vocal soft duo thing at ind cincinnATTI AND STH WKRP IN CIN FUNNY WE WERE HAVING A GOOD TIME (ithink) SO that was it i guess me and jas made it home around 2 in mourn i ate stuffed mushrooom with ricootto rice drank some juice ate a papaya and a pear and went to bed woke and made it to work seconds flat !!!listed to cassette of show didnt make it through roberts set ringings in left ear (joking)??????????? yet looked @ bens post to tseee if there were any of hi stallioings wingding editorial copyright infringement political satire rambling journal blawg but i am first on the show my versions is week as i am insane and hate everyone spreading hat e racsim vilence untollerance annoying lies espianage and terrrorism amongst human race horrible ( liear liar ) liar liar pants on fire retard cor

Wednesday, April 27, 2005 
cool record i found 50 cents
love the art work fukkin a ziny weird wzcky kidsy nursery ryhm

im back again undenialyMADD or aingst freee cheese children raped by fucked up face victume induced voiting amongst teens up who cares fuck face vomlume oveloard take 5 ooo tminuse 7 aand counting 5 000 years dfuck xoscoiety chump star indiana SOUTHERN indiana attached by uuge wswarm of locust vvm nerve gas drop on people news tv all day on sunday woo hoo ready one two 3 isnt it fuckeden funny how 3 houtrres turnxs into 1.5 minute hours etc future event . fuck suck me cocky wanna fight fuck or swallow td is dick cheese ass mold but fngus trip burger fli[p death field dave drinking schlitls who care fuck my fat ass neighbor screamming obscenetys at him from window drunk annoying hell iam a prate 55 yrs war against who am i fuck yo hostility here it is hey you fuckin hotdog warmer fat ass liar fuck you budddy and heres you girl friend

Friday, April 22, 2005 
reall busy hail satan
wordsa fjfpoqejpvwsz

Monday, April 11, 2005 
my day yesterday in modeling of stallios blog
blawg blawg bloring ..bobby vomit on a sunday ,,,, here we go ok made plans to have my long time record hunting playing buddy MIKE hell P shitzE in your fuckin mouth no him? ppissis in cups likes punk rock and turntables? we get together make 2 old school style mix tapes righting down artis and song sat night get drunk up till 3 in morn wake up early aroun d 9:00 in mourn planed on going to FT>WAYNE for fleamarket on sun and goodwills and indian food awsome so not lot of shit there got one casset generation x got bella yoko ono have you seen the wind 45 rpm w/ ps and madonna picture disc tracy chapmen and bob dylan,, got my self bob b. soxx 45, t-bones 45, voices from the moon flexi disc,ad record for building homes christian pictures propaganda posters,triumph of man insurance 45 from worlds state fair bourban street 45 with cajun vocals,KOJAK book and record set see the pictures hear the storie read the book!!!!!!!!!!how to master organization lp* how to put action into your sales lp****the great stalagpipe organ from the beautiful caverns of luray ,va 45 organ built in a cave borring christian shit but woww i liked it bought a bag of rice james brown 12 cold sweat on KING records, and led zepplin bootleg from tawin liit is a live japan show ? why i bought it ? ilike rock @ home i cry and get drunk and think about my dad mm,,,,, he like d that kinda music and i like music for its emotional abilities to ceate and passionately pull us into feeling if we are able i am able led zeppplin of fuckit presidant bush has ruined the last 4 yrs of my lif efuk him in a mahjor way honky white trash bitch beat him kik him out of the us for being un patriotic so after show we hit up 4 goodwills 1 garrage sale 1 flea market 1 antique show ate indian made it to muncie around 4 had beers @ hearot ate with neighbors played on computer watche dsome bullshit got coled and fell asleep fuck life

rich dick suck fuck anarchie for you an me
wanna watch be famous rich advance in life get a job be important stand out make a difference be somone respect yourself rexpect others simply use only what is nessassarry find love look again very simple be frank honestly forgive me again lawsuit justify existance pain raliiity hard getting harder goin to seamen a float on uge ship humping g ass sex long over due voyage into center of you r wall it pain killers sleeping pills beer bean buritto 1.4 pipe hash arrows dead indiana wanna be tribe of the oniriginals ass hole boss cunts dripping wet cunts bleeding soked with disease dicks dripppings with gonerea pretty thingds and vilent rages of hormone imballance chemical imballance dependency smoke more marijuana now forever peace forever war untimely death of a super star fuckin loser badtaste severe waist altered ego depressed state indiana shit onia fuckinnn 8 n8 at ya repeat always live live for it shit is reall dont beleave the hype keep in touch audios amigos,,,,,penies from heaven ,, old collection 45rpm record 12 $ hundred or more mney is for sluts i fuck for free .. you and me and a little porno shop go down town on me for the money ive got bag a bag of rubbers its the fuck fest baby nice ass isaw it yo fucked it dick is weat brain is damaged fuck you fuck me fuck the scene that shit sucks get a life wonder why couple days in hell i will survive ffeeel weird reading this trouble all my life waiting for the sun just for fun not afraid to die and often want to try try resposability for u an me or radiation treatment from an odl nuclear bomb take be to a test sight isotope sope radiation for fun fuckin dicks in the oven shit hits the fan ,, all over for now drink beer listen to old folk tunes dust bowl blues namonia gonna get ya ,, got me se ya

ok wow last show in btown i had my cousin help with sound, ime beore me jason jimmie did sound i had one working speaker hell jason blew my amp at stuntrock show and no one helped me $$$$fix it so we bring speaker back now it is gone hell remember when someone freaked and i loaded up there gear any ways i am pisse dto the verge of never helping any sound system out ever my speaker caim up gone ? i think i know what happend brought it back here , fuckin cant sleep over feel like i am about to loose a friend over it need to str8 iit out now ,, anybody know where my speaker is fuck people
ripping people off when they share there stuff keeping shit justifing it wiht bullshit ...fuck you

Friday, April 08, 2005 
are so unessassary , they can only cause ass rape text . dot @ ninja fuck //slu//////90t 60 c mofo biptripbop hop no puch s shuv hootinanny ,, waiting for the sun? yes eclipse kiss my lips post up till 2010 ? like wow cough geee pope ? i like the pope the pope smokes dope ./ ya ya have that record , new player makeing plstic texture disc for spike like needle play with a bow still in construction faze ,,tube amp // phono pick up and acoustic guitar pic up ,, need to raise the bridge etc.. can not wait great ..some body gave me guitar and didnt know what to do was surfing internet and saw fellow making musical insterment turntable awsome his are much cooler? but i am raw like yo ? boing new lingo update gay master flew and the buns of steel oooh ouch pope poopa ed out dead news KNOW i mean no yo ho ho ho and a bottle of ol shivermeee timbers put that in your pipe and smoke it ....

geeeetar vomit
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