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Wednesday, July 26, 2006 
sniper from delaware county
hey everyone this kid doesnt look to like black people? i wished someon would have told him the majority of people in prison are blackj males,,, what a dumb ass,, corn fed embred davie alla oh god my asshole is sore,, here is the my space R is for redneck ,looking for a girl with a little bit of red neck in her,, htey are going to love his 17 year old asshole in prison,, really is sad flakey fuckin dear hunters ..

bobby vomit on the news,, also ben thanks for the mr yuck video

Wednesday, July 19, 2006 
poop cake

i have more to post, were in the hell have i been? OUTSIDE its summer freaks.. dr bowel shaker said ewe will get to gether to do bad tast lathe cuts somtime very soon!!! i lost one of the tapes with the tec set on it from my birthday, i have know no idea how i did it , the awia is cut off at the beginging but good , decint,,, this was my 31 birthday cake , not bad the shit actually tasted pretty good , had a few flys fall out of my mouth ,,,leave it to dani to wip up this shit , shitty sound systems shit eting artist shitty looking food shitty attitudes dewds,, naw its raw vegan? were were were you

Thursday, July 06, 2006 
shit news its the snoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooze

hey so as listening to the tapes i made of the june 28 show it wasnt as bad as thought and then it was the sound drops i had to turn it up high and that recorder was in front odf the speaker ,,,, doosh bag sound fuck , oh well we crashed it , fuck them , but the animals stuff is louder than the tec , o we tried so i need to get copies out and i never doo doo dooo doo ra run , i liked it parts any ways was really annoying and frustrating we soudn good all the performers did but the sound guy did one of those rcosk star cuocknyt things electronics ,,, ogh no shit turn it down ,, and i worked on a new tattoo here it is colord look into arcives to see black and whits version still wo5king on it

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