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Monday, September 18, 2006 
vegan barnyard

vallely turned in vegan ,, way back i got into tattoos and vegatarianism and a whole bunch of good music threw skateboasrding and am still at it... now a vegan this board is a odde of sorts to animal liberation movement vegans and skateboarding, and the fact i altered the shit outtal this board i feel pretty good about it just finished it it was a cease and desist barnyard i repainted i bought it used etc.... here i an edit were i post how it was and you can see how it was changed etc..

sunday mod day

spent sunady at my grandfathers housd ,, bud also known as big mac.. had coffee and hung out ate food worked in garage i wanted to take my skateboard trucks over there , i am trying new ones out and face them , i ferlt the molds made them all un flush.. i dont even know if you know what ia m talking about but as we did it i documented it it was a good time , bud was a machinest special tool maker at general motors for over 40 years so this shit is easy for him ,, i was reshaping my new flip lace mountain deck,, i dont think i have ever riden a lacne mountain board but i reshaped it like the alan glass heroin skateboard , i love the cut back tail shape s now cant belave how much , i will post that up later ,, but he faced the m and out of 2 pairs 4 trucks, only one was straight the others one imparticular spun off axis wobbly shit ,, so i ws kinda bumed it looked tlike they pressed that shit and was sloppy , some of them couldnt be completey faced due to axel alingment ,, crazy and i thought they were good..they are but shit man , skateboarding is still toy store quality

Sunday, September 17, 2006 
i am not shitting ya
for real

i would like to do one with a hose spray like in the kitchen and like a bode all in one huh? any thoughts,, i am not constipate dor anything i just thikn maybe health bacteria and the way of nature well poop s gotta go make it go smoothly nothing like hittin the shitter..getin hit in the shitter i am sure is bad as well,, grammer gravy milk maids,,,shit it out squarters rights squater punks squater turd teach me a lesson wanna come squat with you ,, the real meshia ,, killing is my business and business is doing good, rust in pieces,, time after time,, if you fall out boys dont cry standing on a deadmilkmen eating your paisley suicidal t endencies, sex plotaion expo of the exploited vegan in vegas viva la round asshole fuck viva lost vegas have your selve a hell raisen hill billy weekend stone koolio killers fart tastic fat dominoes pizza and chopped off chinese toes for take out be there in 40 minutes thanks you pizza face dolSdolmatoe mr T* baby shortcakes,, key words



hahahahahaahahahahahhhhhahahahahahpoop burger

squat toilet
i hae been looking for a better way to poop , i am re doing my bathroom down stairs. Doo to its fiberglass shower falling apart, i tried redoing the floors gunk tha t would not come off so i tiled.. thinking of pulliing that tile and the fiberglass shower stall out,, redoing the walls,, i want to pull the toilet out and put in a squat toilet,, dont think it will happen so i am going to build a plat form reading lots of info ,, but iaam going to tile the whole room and really kinda gym japanesish exuse its but i try,, and hae a low very probe yourself kinda shower.. i need little better cleaning space as i enjoy showereing ,, we have a nice bathtub but no shower upstairs and this one need s re done and i want to have an asian styled toilet it is better for you but i think i wil buid a box type flooring to squat and have it tiled and sung against the toilet raised squat floor,, that can be removed for cleaning or plumbing , maybe een storage!!!

any how silly personal stuff but i found this so had to blog about it it is weird kinda funny and totally healthy !!! squat poop

lame video now

hahhahahahhaaaahhaha patent pending my ass!!! archy bunker shit in his coffee munkies took over muncie i fart for freedom masturbate subconsiousness unawre intellegance speak louder disciopple,, holy turd bat fuck werd or ass the butcher sayith w3rd

Wednesday, September 13, 2006 
fat vegan bastard jew
wow a new favoarite yiu tube us awsomenn

stallio tattoo

this is old but since i am on a posting craze .... stallio the broken stallion arm of the quark , next is the unszene butcher tqttoos this is older but fuck whoever gets this tattoo i will throw in the zoke tattoo at no extra cost

nate in kokomo full pipe

was first full pipe i have ever riden , ,, awsome,, i grwew up on mini ramps ,, this is only a 45 miute drive from here!!!

my little girls new skateboard
carecrow ,, skeleton bertlemen

Tuesday, September 12, 2006 
crucial blast
this record was really the one that stood out and being retardedly funny and very non pc inana a indiana lenny bruce kinda way i need ed to copie information i picked my cd up thruought crucial blast and looked it up again and there is one on ebay so someone should take me up on some very ridiculous suggestions.......................

monstranz cd + lathe cut
swiss import
Recorded by Strotter Inst. and BlindDoc at Stalden, Solothurn.
Mix and Mastering by Hess and D. Plus at Deadbrain Studio, Berne.
Cut by Flo at Vinylium, Grenchen.
Cover by Hess and Meienberg at Tectonics, Berne.

Swiss turntable maestro, Christoph Hess, uses five Lenco turntables and no records to create wonderfully delicate and hypnotic pieces that are easy to get lost in. Track one is lathe cut into the digipak cover and must be played on a turntable!!!!
First off, this debut CD from Swiss turntable outfit STROTTER INST. comes in an amazing little package that actually features the "first" track embossed into the cover of the CD digipack, and is playable on a turntable! First time we've ever seen anything like that. Like fellow turntable deconstructionists Phillip Jeck and Christian Marclay, Strotter Inst. generates all of the music and sounds of Monstranz through the use of manipulated and modified Lenco turntables, without using any prepared samples. The CD begins with a barely audible low-frequency rumble, then a rickety, scraping loop appears followed by epic drones, heavily layered and broken beats, and fragmented, unidentifiable samples and loops. These beats and loops are generated by the earthy crackle of the vinyl grooves and surface noise, and create a complex series of insanely funky polyrhythms, crunchy primitive breakbeats created out of static and white noise and vinyl clicks, pulsating and wheezing and spinning off into eternity. A really neat, trancey album, and Strotter Inst. proves to be a dynamic explorer of abstract turntablism. Monstranz also contains a hyperlinkK to an exclusive song that is downloadablefrom the web.

REVIEW FROM LEENCOM: The concept album offers a journey through the audible world of Strotter Inst. All sounds are generated by manipulated and modified Lenco-turntables without the use of any prepared samples. The CD starts with a lo-fi rumple to change into concrete clicks and scrapes followed by epic drones, multilayered broken beats to fall back in tricky bass-meditations. The bridge between the archaic and the contemporary is also represented in the concept of CD cover: The first track is embossed in the digipak - only playable on a turntable and the last track can only be downloaded from the net. Inbetween aforementioned two tracks, eleven tracks are arranged around a central 33-minutes long polyrhythmic Strotter Inst. composition.
REVIEW FROM SEMTEX: The turntable has to be the greatest instrument ever invented. At least the greatest instrument that was never actually intended to -be- an instrument, or to be -played- at all. What was a revolutionary breakthrough in the playback of popular music, eventually became the ultimate plunderphonic device, with a sonic palette only as limited as your record collection, and then not even limited by that. Broken records, shards of different records glued together, discs made out of wax, or sand paper, or stone, or plastic, or even no records at all, just the sounds of the turntable and the needle. We're not talking DJ's playing records either. Sure we dig that stuff too, but we're talking about people MAKING music out of bits and pieces, scraps and shards, creating whole new worlds of sound. Hard to say what it is exactly about the sound of a needle on vinyl that moves us so, it's warm, and fuzzy, and imperfect, maybe it's the sound of our childhoods, our early musical discoveries, but whatever it is, we love that sound, the whir and hiss, the pop and crackle, for all the striving for pristine perfect digital sound, we can't help but lean in the exact opposite direction, loving our music to be rough and murky, thick with warm warble and rain like static, a hiss that is all age and character and texture.A small group of like minded artists have been exploring the possibilities of the turntable for years, the early experiments of Milan Knizak and his broken music, the grand and gorgeous soundscapes of Phillip Jeck, the vinyl sculptures of Christian Marclay and Martin Tetreault, the rhythmic playfulness of Pierre Bastien, Otomo Yoshihide's turntable explorations in Ground Zero, the minimal compositions of Institut Fuer Feinmotorik, utilizing the runoff grooves, and between song ambience to construct their pieces, and on and on.For over a decade Swiss sound artist Christoph Hess had been experimenting with turntables, tape loops, skipping records, before deciding to jettison any and all music made by other musicians, and instead using just the turntable itself to create sound. Thus was born Strotter Inst. Five customized turntables, each rigged up with pieces of metal, strings and wires, elastic bands, allowed to spin at different RPMs, each turntable contributing a subtle element, creating dense tangled soundscapes of rhythm and texture. Loping and hypnotic, repetitive and mesmerizing. Low rumbling reverberations, slow stuttering twangs, these modified turntables sound remarkably like some sort of long stringed instrument with strings tightened just enough to stay on, but loose enough that they sort of buzz and rumble, pulse and throb. The framework for each track is a sort of lowend turntable riff, the wires and bands and cords are struck and plucked by the revolving turntable, creating slow slithery rhythms, within each a very subtle muted melody, everything slowly morphs and shifts as the various turntables sync up and then drift apart. Imagine the sound of five bass players, all playing simple slow melodies on primitive one string basses, and imagine them playing similar parts, but at slightly different tempos. A slow moving, motorik soundscape of thump and thrum. And around these loping rhythms are soft fuzzy clouds of crackle and hiss, the sound of the needles scraping the surface of the turntables, or skidding across pieces of metal, these contrasting sounds are dense and rich, sounding almost like super distorted vocals at one moment, thick washes of feedback the next. The sound may be simple and subtle, but it's also intense and overwhelming, like Jeck spinning Skullflower, or Marclay armed with only some Mingus bass solo dubplates, or a Tiermes / Bastien soundclash. So dark and mysterious and totally pure and primal sounding. This is SOUND as much as it is music. This is the turntable as musical instrument. This is rhythm and rhythms, this is machine music, but a machine freed from it's shackles, a new instrument, born, loosed, unleashed. Amazing.Amazingly packaged in a die cut cardstock digipak, a large circular hole cut in the front, a smaller hole in the back, so you can see straight through. The front cover has imbedded in it an actual piece of plastic with record grooves etched into it, playable on your turntable! In fact when you listen to the cd you'll notice the first track is all silence, that's because the first track is actually on the sleeve, while the final track is only downloadable from the Strotter website, managing to subtly connect our history of recorded music, a release that is only complete as a record, a cd and an mp3.

record reviews

i have 3 new records/cd that i thnk are a must , so anyone feel ffrreee to deny my accusations,, but your opinions suck and there s always another side and my review will be quick and i will not pick and choose favoeitre tracks only the possablilite of playing the peaces..

ok first a record ontop of cd case 1 track is record 2--1 tracks are the cd,,,STROTTER INST...and the 12 track is available online..
it was made multiple recordplayers , i beleave no records,, right up my alley packaging is so fuckin cool i took a photo ,, never scene this kinda packagin i was sold on the music alone,, a fuckin must,,, very melodic pure noise all turntable,, first cd i have bought in a long time i sy buy it find out fo ryourself...

second HANK williams 3 . straight to hell picture disc, i think only like 300 made distibuted to record store of his choice out of print,, the cd is goo but this is the 2nd cd in the 2 cd release witch is still availabel , i fond out asbout this recrd and it is a must so playable first noise /country record i have heard reminded me of beck, the record has tracks slowed down and in revers, it was made to play i have been mixing with it and cant get over how well done it is ,, the record was his idea and his label curb would only relase it as part 2 to the cd ,, being able to manipulate the tracks on the record is were it isat,,, a must for all you cunt fans out there!!!!! 3rd i order otto von shitty fingers pukology 3 copys then sold one,, a must fuckin funny same ol elctronic rythims but done in a very favorit e stile i will be plaqying this with other puke tracksi have on other records maybe a whole dj set of puke records hahaha i think the packaging on this is fuckin rad,, so lame review s maybe but very odd taste sad waste badtaste etcc,,, keeep it real keep listening

a mans panty is n
iger......i am the terroist noise complaint i committed the act..... me and being .. luke tandy .. i am a nark ... went into the ball state university parking garage and played locke d groove record players tape players various amps tonight on the 9. 11. its an emrgency kinda thing 2 floors 3 corner full volume i took 5 record players and an amp he had 3 amps and tape deck and record player i played the (whole lotta shakeys going on record s for of them locked grooved. and stalios record . although most would never recognize i plated his on 8 rpm and sang through it man that shit is fuckin evil ,, reckonize were are all of you at keep it real more to come more gorilla less rock fuck your stage..........i want a garage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006 
indiana highest suicide raight??????

suicide why doo i live........any ways just got back frogm chicago , saw quigley ,, and the touch and go 25 anniversary show big black , scratch acid, shellac, negative approach, killdozer, mekons,,, old school indi rock grey hairs etfc,, hightlight big black and seing the veiw from quigleys studio,,,,,,,,,

Wednesday, September 06, 2006 
freaked out man under wear on the outside of your pants,,
whats wrong with this phot ooo,,,th brad brunsman

Saturday, September 02, 2006 
skateboard of the week....
worked on this for awhile , had ofiginally thought i would do a hammer and cicle in the forhead,, its actually a photo of my daughter,, morfed morphed? took awhile and any how i let it noost on a shelf in the basement , whilst paintg other things and had this idea,, so i also picked up some new musice ottos pukology and another record oddity , i will post some reviews of those sometime soon tuesday if not sooner...

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