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Saturday, May 27, 2006 
psycho kult
it continues , adam local shredder here in muncie got the psycho stick , right above his shredder tattoo ,, SICK it is growing

FOOD REVIEW ( thai smile 2) by bobby vomit
hey well i know i am not the one to ske but i am vegan , and i eat out? girls hahaha , no no i dont eat dead fish that is gross , any how so board wiht the boards , records anal retentative bullshit got you down try thai smille 2 located in muncie indiana , when i am @ work we love to get the carry out they have tofu opptions and i love it cause it is spicy ? so i go t pad ke mao (spicey noodles) i have also heard it called drunken noodle>> and i had to aks that they make it wiht no egg substitute muchrooms , they do that also had a salad with extra peanut sauce , they do that to we are good customer and they make great dish,, so i ate my salad first and sucked the sauce out of the little plastic cup it came in sweet and deliscious , salads are good but they are ice berg lettuce, cucmber and shredded carrot good very good because of the sauce, iceberg lettace is ok but not as good as spinach red leaf extre... and if you dont get the extra sauce it is almost impossable to finish the little salad,, it comes in stirofoam (wich sucks) and is the one that holds a sandwich but white,,, the maincoarse comes with chinese white box of rice and a plastice reheatable dish with a plastic lid, we reuse them pad ke mao was alsome ___awsome it was like a number 5 on a scale from 1---5 on hot ness and i sstarted to sweat wowserszzz ,, i gobble it down eating the peppers , muchrooms the deliscious mouth watering tofu the broccoli and bamboo shoots my mouth tingled when i got a peace of basil leaf in it YUMMY yes it is good i suggest you try it becouse bobby vomit did not throw it up and if i did i would have eatin it again !!! wewrd to your highchool gramma teacher biothg dxc GGGG

Tuesday, May 23, 2006 
nator vision

i re did this gator re issue i was disapointed it said original vision instead of vision GATOR so hence the nator pretty funny for this i think my first pro model hahahahahaa

pussy wall ,,toot my horn

first outline of legs , with skateboard coming threw , not finished yet but well on its way, above mini rampp in garage , we turned window into vagina you can craw threw,, nasty/second photo is of steven dangerous playing his french horn i am calling it toot my horn ,, painting is little more finished here more pics of me being reborn later

series of paintings (maneater)

wo wo here she cums whacthout boyze e shell chew you up # ers 3 and 4

its growing


Friday, May 19, 2006 
the kult throw out this is my tattoo


my skater kult

if any body wants one the deal is , same body different head has to be skaterelated , like a stcker a logo a graphic got 3 photos and 5 down i got mine get yours KULT

mc deus
sold for 15 dollars on ebay flee mart,, guy wanted to do a side deal , i said sure bin for 15 for a broken skateboard,,, my kinda guy ,,deus means god in latin i think ,,,MC murder hand painted edition of 1

confusion fixed here you go
hitler is bush is mcdonald wrote a long story on top of board all stencils on cheap skateboard someone gave me,, what do you think ?

Wednesday, May 17, 2006 
where have you been

skateing playing recoirds and painting paintign a good size edition of lebians and maneaters and giant evil dicks !!! here is phot o of maneater sorry peeps for low browin the scene

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