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Friday, October 20, 2006 
mid west noise fest stlouis

oct 21 22 23 i am playing sat night ,, 5 hour drive 15 minute set..? i made my record player guitar cut a bunch of lathe cuts ,, i did a split with being , we did this audio terrost shit and noise bombed a parking garage , theyare limited to 10 any one want one let me know whos ear is on it again been busy ,, getting my shit stotlen more on that i have nbeen uploading to the new sight stallio designed for the tattoo shop ,, it is nice ,, we have butt tons of photos on ther e now i am flickr ing check it out and also here for info i heart noise and um here are some photo s of the package one cassette and one lathe cut with insertt hand painted cut folded by me being helped copy tapes and type up insert,, so it is a whos ear and skeleton dust records ....


dude those record player guitars are SWEET!

how can a guy get one?

By Blogger dj empirical, at 8:22 PM  

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