stAllio! biography

stAllio! is an independent audio artist who dabbles in a broad range of experimental and avant garde composition styles. He's been slowly making a name for himself within various underground electronic scenes for several years, both for his solo work and for the plunder/noise collective he founded, Animals Within Animals. His sound varies from one recording or live performance to the next: His latest release, the "True Data" 12", was created by transforming raw data from his hard drive into audio and sequencing the sounds into brutal, intricate beats. Before that, his CDR "Maura's Milk Chocolate Bath" found links between breakfast cereal, nudity, and bathing in a humorous romp through recontextualized snippets of top 40, tv commercials, and CDs he found in cereal boxes. What's next is anyone's guess.

While much of his work remains under the radar, stAllio! is becoming increasingly hard to ignore, as was proven when his George Bush cutup piece "We Will Iraq You" was mentioned in the August 2003 issue of Playboy Magazine, in a sidebar titled "Songs You Probably Won't Hear on Clear Channel Stations" accompanying an article on the effects of industry consolidation on radio playlists.

stAllio! has performed live throughout central Indiana and the midwest region, including gigs in Indianapolis, Muncie, and Bloomington IN; Urbana and Rockford IL; Beavercreek OH; regular appearances at Recycled Rainbow in Lakewood OH; and a summer 2003 tour that took him through Ann Arbor MI, Cincinnati OH, Murfreesboro TN, and Pittsburgh PA before returning to Indiana. He has shared bills with such hot underground acts as the Evolution Control Committee, Girl Talk, Doormouse, Xanopticon, Curtis Chip, Rotten Piece, and the Reverend Ivan Stang (of the Church of Subgenius), not to mention gigs with other central Indiana favorites like Noiseman433, Melk the G6-49, Dr. Butcher M.D., and Bobby Vomit.

stAllio! has performed live on WCBN (, Ann Arbor, with Animals Within Animals), WRUW (, Cleveland, with Press the Button), and WMTS (, Murfreesboro, with Workeshoppe Radio Phonik). He was featured and appeared in-studio on KPFA's "No Other Radio" (, Berkeley). In addition to other plays on those stations and numerous spins on Internet radio, his music (either solo or with Animals Within Animals) has been played on WFMU (, New Jersey), WICR (, Indianapolis), WAIF (, Cincinnati), CITR ( and CFUV ( in Canada, 2MBS ( in Australia, and repeatedly on the Subgenius radio show "Hour of Slack", based out of WCSB ( in Cleveland but syndicated to 17 other stations throughout North America.

stAllio! discography:
dissonance is bliss
..........tape/cdr, 1999
perpetual emotion machine
..........tape, 1999
_the fezzuck_
..........cdr, 2000
errata vol ii
..........cdr, 2001
maura's milk chocolate bath
..........cdr, 2003
true data
..........12", 2004
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