Masochistic Ear "?" vs stAllio! errata vol i

bad taste #14

(still unreleased... ie. don't count on it ever being released... at least not in this state)

in the course of experimentation it is inevitable that some experiments will fail or take bizarre turns. as a precaution i routinely record more material than necessary for any release. unfortunately the result is that some quality tracks become lost, unable to be squeezed into a standard release. these are the errata, what would have been "b-sides" in a more traditional recording environment, released here for your disgust and/or enjoyment.

this first volume of the errata series is a split release with the legendary & long-belated release formerly known as "Marty's Naked Air Balloon" by Masochistic Ear. it features tracks that were recorded during the "perpetual emotion machine" sessions, as well as a few oldies from 1996 or so which were beggin to be rereleased.

1 = antigen
slow, murky, & crunchy. except for those high-pitched cowbell/woodblock sounds! what the fuck is up with that?
2 = hobot factory
dark, clangy, & with some kind of windchime sound. another song that got lost while making the perpetual emotion machine.
3 = kosovo
clinton samples courtesy of heddi fizzoni with assistance from mike grawcock. this song has more pitch bend than any sane person would ever use.
4 = clatter
i always had a soft spot for this one, but it was way too odd even for p.e.m. the jarring percussive doppelganger to "eggify".
5 = amphimixis
thick, cloying, continuing that factory sound despite being named for a biological function.
6 = pandora's box (cunnilingus mix)
how lame is it to put your remix of someone's track on a release? very. but this murkbox remix would never have been released otherwise.
7 = fuck windows!
this old (1996) tracker song was written entirely using wav files from windows 3.1, sim city for windows, & civilization for windows. i hated microsoft before it was trendy.
8 = industry L fickafule
a historical predecessor to "dissonance is bliss!", this song was written when i first discovered that impulse tracker let me use any data file i wanted as a sample.