droplift II
available for free download.

droplift II is quite possibly the first compilation parody ever released. droplift II is a solo collage recording by stAllio!, but it's designed to resemble a collage or mashup compilation, in particular the snuggles-released compilations the droplift project and free speech for sale. for more information, read this blog entry.

i tried to explore various different "styles" of mashup and collage music for this release (though i didn't create any A+B-style mashups because those generally bore me these days). most of the "artist names" for the respective tracks are parodies of the names of members of the snuggles mailing list.

droplift II is available for free download from animalswithinanimals.com/droplift2.
1. Sharp Implement - Growing Up
ostensibly a stark effect parody, this track blends ads for male enhancement with alice in wonderland to pose the question, what if there were a pill that could make a man larger?
2. Cannibals Eating Cannibals - Theme from Droplift II
this is a parody of my own band, animals within animals. as such, i could just cut loose and do my usual thing here. this track was based largely on a piece i put together for my live performance at recycled rainbow 8. i just swapped out some of the old samples for newer ones.
3. Naked Rabbi - Cars That Go Boom
this was another track that was mostly complete already. i'd originally created this for pirates of the internet as "part 2" of rapper's despair but never released it in that form. so i cut off the old beginning and added a new one, and added a few more tweaks near the end. the name "naked rabbi" is a parody of negativland pal naked rabbit.
4. Orchid Spongiform Encephalopathy - Flesh's Art Trash Self
one of my major goals for droplift II was to do some work in the style of one of my absolute favorite plunderphonic artists, the criminally obscure orchid spangiafora. this was one of two such tracks on droplift II. for this one, i worked with short samples from local newscasts.
5. WRPLU - What's Lesbianism?
the name is a portmonteau of two collage groups, WRP and PLU (people like us). it's mostly a parody of WRP, particularly the bits about lesbian techno and the liberal use of that soul II soul break.
6. the Brainiac Figures - Havin' a Ball
this was one the first track i made for droplift II. the idea was to do an "instrumental" or musical-based collage, which i'd never really done before. i found some website full of audio samples of various trademarks and mashed several of them together into this. the band name is a parody of the cranial fishers.
7. Paranoid Exporter - Unravel
the base (beat) of this track came from me playing around with the beatboxing bridge from justin timberlake's "rock your body" on my kp2 kaoss pad. then i put some semi-subversive george w bush samples on top. this is one of my less-favorite tracks from droplift II, but i thought i should include it to represent the collage style of "political samples on top of a looped beat", which was particularly prominent in the '90s. the band name is a parody of paradox explorer.
8. Stallone - A Parliament of Ritz
originally this was going to be one of the orchid spangiafora-style tracks, but the samples just didn't want to go in that direction, so instead i said it was by "stallone", a parody of my own name (stAllio!). the samples are largely about ritz crackers and the title is a reference to a "parliament of rooks" and particularly the sandman story, but it later occurred to me that some might think the track has something to do with parliament-funkadelic, which it does not.
9. The Sh*t - My First Girlfriend
the background music came from something i recorded off pbs kids. the dialog is from an interview with anti-abortionist neal horsley on the alan colmes show. the band name is a parody of stephen mcquillen, who has released work under several names, most notably "the piss".
10. The Former Czechoslovakia - Adman's Lament
most of the stuff on droplift II is pretty heavily text-based, so this was an attempt to do something more abstract. it still has text samples, but they're more in the background, and some databent noise i generated with granular synthesis is more in the foreground. the band name is an allusion to a now-defunct project called "the former yugoslavia".
11. Duane Pisstake - Drop the Needle
this is a parody of plunderphonic artist wayne butane. wayne does very funny text-based collage, so the aim here was to use lots of funny samples and generally cram in as many jokes as i could.
12. Brain Shivers - Questionable
this song is titled "questionable" because when i named it, i thought it was questionable whether it would be worth releasing. at the time, it was little more than raw audiomulch output. since then, i added a lot of material until i was satisfied with it. the band name is inspired by a long-defunct band called "brain science".
13. Orchid Spongiform Encephalopathy - The Search for Meaning
my second orchid spangiafora-style track. this one has lots of advertising and marketing samples.
available for free download.